An entrepreneur who wants to invest in additional services in his car repair shop or is interested in developing his cleaning company, sooner or later will have to face buying a professional cleaner. The market offers more traditional option – water cleaners, or a modern one – steam cleaners. Both kinds have their advantages. 

The cleaning services market is constantly growing. Companies providing cleaning cars and interiors are in demand, sought by corporations, production and trade enterprises as well as smaller businesses.


Demand for the service

A main motivation for buying a cleaner is simply a high demand on the market. In the bigger cities, there is always something to do. Just consider a large population, a number of companies, offices, households etc. Bigger cities are business centers where cleaners are always busy. Buying steam or water cleaner will significantly influence what we can offer to our customers. It is worth making an informed decision.


Traditional water cleaners

Water pressure cleaners are still quite popular. They significantly increase the water pressure so that it can successfully get rid of difficult dirt. The water pressure oscillates around 15-20MPa. It allows quicker, more accurate and more practical cleaning. It is an a efficient alternative for manual cleaning. Using brushes and detergents you can successfully deliver cleaning services. Water cleaners are especially popular in horticulture, automotive industry, construction industry, paving and range of other services.

– cleaning elevations, roof tops, stone sett, pavements,
– cleaning cars,
– cleaning machines,
– cleaning construction equipment.


Steam cleaners

Steam cleaners offer virtually limitless range of action. Even though one usually links them to cleaning cars, steam cleaners have a much wider range of application. It is a result of their functionality and multiple advantages of steam. Deciding for a steam cleaner one has to be aware of its functionality as it is applicable everywhere, where a water cleaner is not. Mainly, that means hospitality and gastronomy properties, production line equipped with electronic elements, and food production enterprises. Steam technology does not produce sewage or chemical residues and is fully neutral to the environment. A big advantage is also the fact that it does not use chemicals.

– deep car cleaning: engine chamber, car body, rims, nozzles,
– washing upholstery of all kinds,
– removing carpet stains as well as different kinds of flooring
– removing smudges from specialist environments, ie server rooms,
– cleaning machines and equipments, cleaning production lines,
– cleaning hospital premises,
– cleaning yachts and cars,
– cleaning service premises: SPA, beauty salons, dentist clinics, vets.



Buying a Professional cleaner Carnot be a rushed decision. As you can see from an analysis above, one has to match the equipment with the profile of his or her service. Steam cleaner definitely creates wider possibilities of application, and at the same time, is more economical (much lower water usage, no chemical residues, ability to use to hot detergents, hovering, accommodates two people).

Steam cleaners are also more efficient. Steam penetrates dirt, does not spread it, eliminates odors and sanitizes. Its temperature goes to 120 C degrees and allows removing even the most stubborn stains.