Promoted Product: Fortador Kevlar Ceramic Coating Kit

A complete solution that offers long-lasting protection for every surface on your vehicle, both inside and out, Fortador’s Kevlar Ceramic Coating kit consists of three stages, each designed to work as an integrated system to protect your pride and joy and give it that glossy, showroom look.

For the exterior of your vehicle, just apply 5 to 15 drops of the Activator primer and massage it into the surface. Then add a layer of the high-tech protective Kevlar paste for 6 months worth of protection against mud, grime, grease, road chemicals, oxidation caused by UV rays, as well as nastier stuff like tree sap, bugs and tar. However, Fortador is thinking about more than just your paint job, and that’s where Stage 3 comes in: the company’s Kevlar interior coating protects the rest of your vehicle too, and can be used on your entire interior. We’re talking glass, plastic, leather, fabrics and upholstery, carpets, trim, and more.

Plus, the user-friendly DIY kit delivers excellent bang for your buck, with one system containing more than enough material for total car protection. A single package is good for 3 years’ worth of maintenance, or protection for 2-3 cars if you’re looking to get into the detailing business. In other words, with Fortador’s Kevlar Ceramic Coating kit, you’re not only getting serious protection, you’re getting serious value as well.

Product features:


  • Complete protection for your car’s paint, glass, plastic, leather, fabrics, and more
  • Works to eliminate water spotting
  • Premium quality product
  • Contains enough for 3 years’ worth of maintenance, or installation on 2-3 vehicles
  • Easy to use and DIY friendly

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