Fortador steam cleaners do not fail to attract worldwide attention. More and more enterprises appreciate their potential and decide to build their steam businesses on foolproofFortador machines. However, if you want to be mobile and make your life easier, you definitely have to consider a special Cargo Slider.

Going mobile with your business is getting more and more popular. It is mainly because we live in the world where time is the most precious resource we have. To many, the decisive category when choosing the suppliers of the services that they need is if they can just leave it all to them without involving in the process. Considering growing pace of life and work and living under never ending pressure of deadlines and projects, we appreciate a possibility of ordering things we need on our doorstep. This is now perfectly possible with a car wash, too, and there are plenty of people seeking out for it.

This is hardly a surprise considering that dropping one visit at the traditional car wash can take an hour of your day. An hour that you could spend with your family or hobbies, you spend waiting for your turn to get your car washed. Unless you decide to get a professional mobile car wash to come over to your yard and do it for you! Especially that now providing those services is easier than ever. The technology not only equips them with the highest quality cleaning machines but also systems making their transport effortless. This is what Fortador Cargo Slider can do for you.

What is a Cargo Slider?

Cargo Slider is a platform designed to be mounted in the cars used for operating mobile steam car washes. It is a structure which enables fully professional and safe loading, unloading, transporting and storing steam cleaner and necessary accessories.

The weight of the slider is 110kg + 15kg for the ramp. Check the gallery for the details of the dimensions.

What are the benefits of Cargo Slider?

The main benefit of a Cargo Slider is its versatile range of use. It can be easily fitted into the most popular brands of cargo cars. The platform is made of high-quality steel, safe from corrosion and powder coated. Its dimensions allow for the transport of all of the Fortador steam cleaners.

Thanks to its careful design, the slider allows unloading the cleaner and using it outside of the car, as well as sliding the sliding the cleaner out avoiding the process of unloading and making everything easier and quicker.

Why is it worthwhile?

The biggest advantage of purchasing a Cargo Slider is the fact that it is going to make your everyday work so much easier. You no longer will have to unload your heavy steam cleaner yourself every time you want to use it! It will also allow you to:

– save time
– safely transport your steam cleaner
– minimise the risk of the damage to your equipment
– segregate the detergents.

Cargo Slider is an indispensable piece of equipment to anybody who works in the steam business. If you are considering getting it fitted, do contact us and ask questions you may have!