You probably already know why purchasing a steam cleaner is a beneficial investment for your business. You can reduce costs and time of your cleaning performance, you can have a mobile steam cleaner allowing you to be flexible and move around to get to your customers, it has a versatile range of use as a steam car wash allowing you to have just that one machine for all parts, be it upholstery, electronics or the exterior. Efficient, quick, thrifty, well-designed, fool-proof, intuitive – sounds like a dream for every ambitious entrepreneur in the business. But have you ever considered health benefits of a steam cleaner?


Health of your customer

A versatile range of use of a steam cleaner poses some responsibility as well. When using steam cleaning equipment in restaurants, kitchens, hospitals, pharmacies, on the production lines, in beauty salons or spas, one has to be aware a close relationship of the cleaned objects with bodies and wellbeing of its users. There are risks of allergies to the fungi or diseases because of bacteria if you spread it around when vacuuming the surfaces, as well as the risk of irritations of the skin with the heavy detergents that many cleaners have to use. All this is not of your concern if you are using a steam cleaner. The steam, released at the pressure of 16 BAR and the temperature of 120 – 140 Celsius degrees, needs no chemicals whatsoever to target the dirt and neutralize it on the spot and sanitize the surface.


Health of your employee

The matter of the well-being of the employees can be omitted only by an unprofessional, short-sighted business owners. Safe, well-motivated and satisfied workers are the very basis of absolutely any service you can imagine. Those are the people who contact your customers in the first place, being responsible for the immediate image of your company. A good and happy employee is an investment in the stable business built on trust and respect. A necessary part of it is taking care of the safety of the work they perform. And cleaning business is a tricky one when it comes to that. Allergies, back injuries, poisonous chemicals, overworking, heavy lifting – all those are serious risks to workers in the cleaning sector. Perhaps surprisingly, a steam cleaner is a solution to many of them. The risk of allergies and respiratory tract infections is decreased thanks to the fact that bacteria, mould spores and dust mites are killed on the spot and without any help of heavy chemicals. While the dirt is immediately penetrated by the high-temperature, low-humidity steam, it dissipates quickly not risking any skin burns. Thanks to the long hose and variety of nozzles, spine and muscles of the users are protected and the cleaning process becomes pleasant and straight forward. Do not blame us if we have just convinced you to work in the cleaning sector!


Health of the planet

Now, let’s look at the big picture. We all have an influence on what kind of place the world we live in is. Fortador takes it rather seriously. Through constant innovation and great care choosing implemented solutions, we strive to be a positive change we want to see. As cheeky as it may sound, choosing our machines is choosing a well-being of the planet. In the cleaning sector, you can hardly get any better than Fortador steam cleaner. Our cleaners not only produce virtually no sewage but also significantly limit usage of water as well as chemicals. If you want to be seen as a responsible and aware brand, and contribute to decreasing negative influence of the industry on the environment, let us welcome you to our team.