Minimalism is a thing. Wherever you look, either it is fashion, design, architecture, or the most popular slow-life, millennial-like lifestyle blogs and magazines – it is there. And it is more than understandable. In our cluttered lives and realities, with capitalism developing on the basis of creating non-existent needs and looking for any niches that are still to be commercialized, we look for a refuge. It made us thinking about how this ‘less is more ethos’ can be seen in our products.


Multitasking machines

First things first, Fortador machines give you an option to compress multiple devices with dozens of nozzles, all paid for separately, in just one wholesome body. Do you run a car wash and need to vacuum the interior, wash some stubborn coffee stains on the upholstery, and clean the exterior to the highest possible standard of shine to meet your customers’ expectations? That must be tough on you. And your budget. In this case, quite obviously and as much as possible – more is less. And we took that rather seriously, creating machines that are ready to effectively multitask. Go to our website and look at those sleek bodies which can vacuum, wash all kind of surfaces and materials, sanitizing them at the same time. Miraculous? Not quite. We just call it Fortador.



The fact that less effort is more is pretty self-explanatory, and Fortador provides this on a couple of levels. Firstly, being such smart machines, they are not rocket science to use. Our design provides that you can use them intuitively and know all their secrets just after the first encounter1. Secondly, they are not only intuitive but also made in the way so that they can make your work easier: Depending on what are your needs, you can choose a light version, one with a long hose, or one where two people could use it at the same time. Moreover, you do not need to worry about the water residues as you would with a traditional water pressure cleaner because, well, there is none.


Thrifty distribution of materials

If we are on this subject – we strongly believe less is more when it comes to the materials used. Hot dry steam cleans the most stubborn dirt and grease even without any detergents, and your water consumption is cut to the minimum. That means spending less money, which is quite obvious when you think about it. What it also means is that your footprint diminishes. Less waste is a healthier planet, and the smaller toxic footprint you leave, the more appreciated it is by your customers!



You would think that the design is a secondary thing in the business like ours but we would strongly oppose. Our minimalistic design with its functional philosophy is the very core of why our products are so special and user-friendly. Our consistently simple casing gives it an elegant, professional look, and the choice of colours is a twist highlighting our innovative approach towards what we do.


1 However, if you ever feel you do not, we are here to help with a series of training we organize and a responsive team online and on the line.