Fortador launches new form of third party investment in Florida! Read on to learn how to get 40%+ ROI annually, with minimal personal engagement, thanks to our powerful steam machines and professional management.


The Potential

Fortador’s eco-friendly machines have a huge potential on the US market. In the US only, there are three million cars, washed roughly 2 billion times a year, with an industry turnover of 18 billions of dollars and annual industry growth of 3.1% (2016). Fortador’s machines powered by Lamborghini set standards for the steam cleaning industry, with years of experience, technological excellence, and ongoing innovation. Despite the highest release pressure you can find among all steam cleaners on the market (16 BAR), it still keeps the minimum of water and Diesel consumption. This is not only a green solution but also one which saves your money in the long run. Thanks to the properties of steam and mobile units on offer,  Fortador’s cleaners are very versatile, too, being suitable for cleaning and disinfecting all types of vehicles: cars, motorcycles, airplanes, boats, both inside and out. Those efficient, eco-friendly, foolproof and powerful Fortador’s devices are the future of car wash industry. And there is a new way to invest your money in it!

Third party investment

From now on, we offer a full support for setting up your own car wash in Florida, US, without a need of any personal engagement of yours, if preferred. From $50,000, in just a couple of weeks, we can provide you with state-of-the-art efficient cleaning solution fully equipped for all kinds of jobs, and the necessary training for you or your employees, and help you get the business started immediately. We can take care of the whole process according to your needs, along with recruiting your employees who could perform the job daily, minimising the necessity of your personal engagement.

The business model and the investment pack

From already existing businesses it can be deducted that with one unit, you can take up to 8 jobs daily, which means $50 check, turnover up to $500/a day, with expenses on the level of 40% and markup on 60%. What is meant by one unit includes: Fortador Pro+ along with the bed slider, detergents, generator ($15 000), laminated van Dodge Ram Promaster City ($26 000 + $2 000 for lamination). The investment pack goes with the training in our premises ($2 000) and the app integration fee ($1 500). This means that with under $50 000 of initial investment and with minimal personal engagement, you can set up a substantial business in Florida, United States, and expect 40%+ return on investment.

The process

The process of setting your unit up is quite quick and easy, too. After signing an agreement and the payment, during the next three weeks, your equipment would be delivered. During the following week, the training for you and/or your employees would be provided, either in Miami or your premises. With the support of the designated app, you could control your business through your tablet and expect the return on investment on the level of 40%+. You will just have to decide how many units you wish to invest in.


You can manage and control your business through your phone or your tablet thanks to the specially designed app. The range of the task you can perform varies from invoicing through employee control to connecting you to the people who need your services. You can also generate discounts and promo codes which can be used by your clients when ordering your services through the app, tightening your business bonds. It also generates telling statistics on the preferences of your clients and enables to manage immediate service set ups in accordance to pre-scheduled rotas of your employees. The multifaceted and powerful app would be also introduced during the training session. In case of any doubts, questions, or a need of solving immediate technical issues or legal assistance, the management based in Miami, Florida, will always be there to handle them for you, too.