Sales records of modern and ecological steam cleaners are increasingly growing. They evoke the interest of many as their offer an interesting alternative to less functional and less profitable traditional water cleaners. Producers try to introduce the solutions which would broaden the range of application of steam cleaners.


There are many reasons why steam cleaners gain the trust of the entrepreneurs. Thanks to them, small and growing businesses can broaden the range of the services on offer, gain new clients and make their work more mobile. Steam technology revolutionised the market of cleaning services and allowed cleaning surfaces in a more efficient but also more eco-friendly way.

It is a common misconception that steam cleaners can be used only for car bodies, upholsteries and engine chambers. There is much more to it. And thanks to innovations introduced by Fortador, more and more business owners can afford using steam cleaners. New PRO S model is a good example of that.


From service stations to SPA salons

It is worth mentioning that the solutions used in steam cleaners make them a suitable choice for the places and surfaces inaccessible for traditional water cleaners. This is especially true for gastronomic premises, as well as hotels and spaces filled with electronic devices. Steam allows cleaning virtually any surfaces and gets rid of most persistent stain and grease, without being worried about the damage. You can also sanitise the surfaces which is an especially useful trait in medical centres, hospitals and SPA salons. This is all thanks to the steam technology.


Efficient solutions…

From the perspective of small businesses, the unwillingness to invest in solutions which will not bring revenue soon, seems reasonable. Same for buying equipment which is heavy, difficult to use, inefficient and fallible. Fortador avoids such solutions, implementing instead those which make their machines foolproof, user-friendly and providing quick investment return. Above all, the customers appreciate:

– the power (12-16 BAR)

– heating time (2 minutes)

– regulated and limited water usage

– limited fuel usage (0,6l/h)

– two people can use it at the same time

Eco-friendliness is also important. The main advantage in this respect is that steam cleaners do not require detergents and chemicals to be efficient. Thanks to that, using steam cleaners is neutral for the organism. The need for sewage system is virtually eliminated. All this is enclosed in the solid, sleek, ergonomic body.


… appreciated by the customers

Something that offers a range of new possibilities will always be a favourite of a good entrepreneur. Fortador aims not only at delivering highest quality steam cleaners which bring immediate returns,  but also at complex education. It is important to show how steam cleaning can be cheaper, more efficient, more eco-friendly and healthier.

Their presence at various fairs around the world is a strong argument supporting their philosophy. You could see some of their steam cleaners at International Fuel Fair in Wroclaw, Sema Show fair in Las Vegas, or The Moto Show in Montreal. Their achievements are being largely appreciated across the globe, in Australia, Norway, Marocco, Sweden, Paraguay, Costa Rica, just to mention a few. The company established trading ties with China as well, where the market is very absorptive at the moment. Because of that, Fortador just opened their headquarters in China to support efficient deliveries in the region.