More and more companies and institutions abandon traditional water and detergent-based cleaning. There is a modern, ecologic, and safe alternative – steam cleaning. This method of surface cleaning is also cheaper and more thorough.

It is a known fact that we feel better in clean and tidy interiors. It applies not only to our workspace but also to our homes, cars and public transport. However, there is one detail worth mentioning – what seems to be clean and well cared for, doesn’t have to necessarily be in such condition. Omnipresent dust and grease can effectively remain in hard to reach nooks.

Cleaning with detergents, pressure washers or various brushes can turn out to be plainly inefficient. The solution is steam cleaning with e.g. a mobile steam cleaner. What makes steam clean so well? There are at least several reasons.


Environment friendly

Steam cleaning is friendly for people as well as the environment. The steam technology doesn’t produce any chemical waste. Another advantage is that it doesn’t cause skin irritation and sensitization. It is also worth mentioning that no chemical compounds remain on the cleaned surface.


Efficient dirt removal

Steam cleaning a surface is highly efficient. The steam, released at the pressure of 16 bar, enters the dirt and penetrates it in a chemical-free way. Disinfection of the cleaned surface is an additional advantage. The operating temperature of the steam is 120°C which lets you get rid of microbes and fungi. The eliminated impurities aren’t sprayed around which is vital when cleaning sanitary rooms.


Saving time and money

Using a steam cleaner is in fact a more profitable solution (from a steam-business owner’s perspective). It doesn’t require securing non-cleaned surfaces with plastic covers. Advanced Fortador steam cleaners are not single-station type, and allow performing multiple tasks (such as washing and vacuuming) simultaneously. The business is also more profitable due to the minimal usage of water and detergents.


Usage versatility

In contrast to pressure washers, steam cleaners have a much wider use. Steam is not an aggressive agent, which allows it to be used everywhere, from auto-service, to cleaning food transporting cars, to cleaning gastronomic and sanitary facilities and rooms. The operating temperature of 120°C and humidity not exceeding 5% makes steam fully secure for electronic equipment.


Mobile capabilities

It is visible in the description presented above that the superiority of steam over water and detergents is prominent. With steam you can easily clean even the most troublesome dirt: in halls and factories, in gastronomic establishments and hotel rooms. You can also order a steam cleaner compete with automobile-adapted equipment (including a special platform) and run a mobile business. It is a great benefit and advantage over the companies which operate in a stationary fashion. When serving your customers by accessing them directly, you can present the wide range of steam cleaner applications more quickly and impressively.