I bet all of you can recall this one awful time when you spilled your tea or coffee when driving. Worrying about cleaning your upholstery for the rest of your journey is neither safe nor necessary. Your solution is called Self Wash. And it earns you money for your own coffee machine, too!

Since self-serviced car cleaners were introduced to the market, it went through a significant change. Many owners of stationary car washes realised the benefits of using innovative, eco-friendly solutions. More and more people invested in mobile cleaners as well as devices which allow upholster self-care.

You can meet Self-Wash, a user-friendly steam cleaner, on many gasoline stations as well as in the role of additional equipment in traditional car washes.
Who is the Self-Wash for?

Well, you can recommend Self Wash to pretty much anybody who is interested in expanding the range of the services that they offer. You can just install self-serviced steam cleaner in the chosen locations, like the aforementioned gasoline stations or on the premises of traditional car washes. If you are an independent entrepreneur and you have a patch of land where you are planning to set up your own business, you can definitely benefit from this smart device, too!

You can use it either as an addition to the services you already provide or you can make Fortador machine the very focus and a main tool of the high-standard vacuuming and washing the upholstery.

Technical details

Self-serviced steam cleaner, Self Wash II is a very practical device to have. Look at the specific yourself:



Regulated pressure

8 bar

Dry steam production

9,8 kg/h


380 V

Operational temperature



Stainless steel – AISI 304

Boiler capacity


Regulated boiler temperature


Power of the boiler heaters

5 kW

Time taken to heat up

Constant readiness

Capacity of the water container

Fixed link

Capacity of the detergent container

40 L

Working capacity of the vacuum cleaner container

42 L

Noise when working

60 dB

Payment method

Coins, notes, card, paypass


520 kg


900(width) x 975(depth) x 2100(hight)

Standard accessories

-1 Isolated pressure steam hosepipe (8m)
– End adaptor for upholstery washing

Vacuum cleaner

2-turbin – 2700 W

Air flow

142 L/s


The device is designed in a way that allows immediate installation as well as unbelievably intuitive usage. Some other things that it has got and are worth mentioning:

– incorporated anti-freeze system

-an ability to work all year round, 365 days

-system that sends a money/time efficiency report to the owner

-fireproof casing

-LED lighting which allows spotting it in the dark or from the distance

– paypass reader and a system accepting notes and coins.
Benefits of installation

Fortador offers complex support for all customers interested in installing Self-Wash. You can get logistic help as well as go through the training which will answer all your questions and prepare you for working with Fortador devices. Do you still need more reasons to go for it? There you go:

– it is super-easy to install,
– it virtually does not cost you at all once installed,
– it is fool proof,
– very durable,
– anti-robbery system,
– works 24/7, 365 days a year,
– eco-friendly,
– you can choose your favourite colour!
Self-Wash allows you to earn and gain new customers with virtually no effort. It can be a great addition to your local business or an opportunity to spread around t