PRO S is currently the most modern steam cleaner in the world. A soon as Fortador released it, it gained customers’ trust, largely thanks to its functionality. Comparing to earlier models, some modifications have been introduced, making PRO S easier in handling and more foolproof. 

Market for the steam cleaners is constantly growing. Fortador and other producers aim at increasing functionality of their devices. This way, those who use steam cleaners can expand the range of the services they provide. Innovative steam cleaners like PRO S allow more effective work as well as decrease the costs of maintenance. Due to the use of steam instead of water, entrepreneurs can now work in previously inaccessible spaces.

PRO S cleaner is an answer to the market demand as well as realisation of the ideas which, over years, were suggested by the steam cleaners users.

Better technical parameters

– Heating time – 2-7 minutes
– Capacity of the water/fuel/detergents – 20/10/5 liters
– Volume – 60 dB
– Voltage and frequency – standard plug 230V/50-60Hz
– Water usage (regulated) – 600cc/min x 1 (Max. 1200 cc)
– Fuel usage – 0,5-0,6 litra ON per hour of work in the mixed cycle (innovative Lamborghini® burner)
– Weight – 80 kg
– Dimensions – 50(W) x 75(L) x 75(H)

PRO S steam cleaner differs considerably from its predecessors. It has got 16 Bar of power, operational pressure is 120-140 Celsius degrees, as well as regulated boiler temperature (190 C degrees). PRO S is a more functional cleaner, mainly because of the smaller size and weight. It is essential for those with mobile businesses. Due to the smaller size, the cleaner is easier to transport, and it is possible to use it in the wider variety of spaces.
Economical advantage of the cleaner deserves attention. Thanks to its design, it limits water consumption to the minimum and decreases power usage, fixed on the level of 650W. Just to compare, PRO cleaner weights 179kg, PRO+ 179kg, VOLT 59kg.

The cleaner has:

– two steam hoses 10m long,
– big 7” user-friendly display,
– ability to use steam and the detergent at the same time,
– system allowing car battery as a power source,
– high productivity: washing 4 cars/h – 2 cars simultaneously
– antifreeze and descaling systems.

Those who decide to purchase Fortador devices can count on our complex technical support, training and 3 years of warranty.


Industry applicability

Keeping PRO S small but still powerful allows entrepreneurs to work in completely different settings. The cleaner will be a great fit for any industry related spaces. Steam, reaching the temperature of 120-140 degrees is indispensible in cleaning all kinds of impurities: grease, gunk, paint, lacquer. PRO S sterilises the surface.

Providing services

PRO S cleaner was created especially for those with mobile businesses. The lightweight cleaner is very easy to transport with a pre-prepared car. Both the transport and the handling of the cleaner is comfortable enough for one person. You can use PRO S whether you have a mobile cleaning company for offices, apartments or business premises; construction and refurbishment company, or car service.