Who does not like to party with friends? Organizing a house party is relatively enjoyable and exciting. However, the next day you have to clean up the mess. Be honest: it is a tiring and monotonous job. Garbage is almost everywhere, the floor needs cleaning, tables are sticky with spilled drinks, dishes lay in every place but not in the sink, and the carpets are full of crumbs, snacks, and more. In spite of that, a well-thought-out plan will help you with the cleaning. If you know what to do, the cleaning process will be quick, simple, and – most important – effective. We have prepared a guide on how to clean up a house after the party. You will find here some tips on how to make it fast and efficiently. Let’s get started!

How to prepare for a party to make cleaning easier?

When you prepare for the event, focus not only on shopping, cooking, or decorating rooms. You have to think about making it easier to clean up later too.

  • Prepare a to-do list. Cleaning up will be less chaotic, and you will do everything faster. The list can include things to buy, hints on what to do and in which order, etc. Remember, a good plan is a key to success. That is the best way to organize the best party ever!
  • Select a space for the party. Guests will have everything that they need in one place. It will allow you to reduce the mess and accumulate it in the smallest possible space. The smaller space is dirty, the easier it is to embrace the “battlefield”.
  • Provide easy access to a trash can, dishes, and napkins. The guests will throw away unnecessary things instead of putting them anywhere. And they also will crush food on a plate, not all over the apartment.
  • Make sure you have the necessary cleaning supplies and tools. Be ready to clean up the mess after the party effectively. If you put everything in one place, you will not have to search for things all over the house.
  • Place food and drinks on designated tables. It will make it easier for you to clean up dirty dishes and leftover snacks later.
  • Insert toothpicks into small snacks. It will reduce the number of dirty forks. Put food tongs or food spoons on plates or bowls with larger meals. Consider choosing paper plates and cups if you do not want to wash many dishes.
  • Use stain-resistant tablecloths. Its do not absorb stains. The oilcloths help you to avoid stubborn stains on tables and make it easier to clean the tables.

Cleanliness control during the event

To make cleaning easy, to control the cleanliness of the rooms where the party is, collect dirty dishes from time to time and take them to the sink. Pay attention to stains too. Better to remove fresh stains before they dry and become difficult to clean. But remember that the party is for you too. Do not spend the entire time running around the house and cleaning up the mess. You will not avoid cleaning the next day anyway. And instead of having fun and relaxing, you will spend long hours on nerves and running. During the event, your most important task is to take care of your guests and make them feel good. Your nervous behavior will certainly not help them with having a good time.

Same-day cleaning. What to clean up when the guests have left?

No one likes to clean up after the guests have left. However, it is worth taking a few actions. They will not take much time but will save time the next day and improve cleaning.

  • Wipe off any sticky stains on the floor, carpet, or sofa. The later you clean them, the harder it will be to remove them.
  • Throw away all leftovers and empty packaging left by your guests on the table. That is a good idea to sort them into different trash bags. You will not have to throw them out again the next day.
  • Throw away any food rests if they are no longer eatable. Its do not attract ants or flies.
  • Put dishes you plan to eat the next day in the fridge. Otherwise, they broke.
  • Put the rest of the ready-made snacks (such as crisps) in an airtight package or box. Otherwise, they may not be fresh the next day. It is a great way to avoid wasting food.

Tools and accessories useful during cleaning

  • damp cloths and sponges
  • cleaning agents (dish soap, detergents, floor cleaner, etc.)
  • trash bags
  • gum gloves
  • broom or a vacuum cleaner
  • mop and bucket
  • Fortador steam cleaner

Disinfecting the house after the guests have left

Washing furniture, vacuuming the floor, and throwing out the rubbish may not be enough to clean and disinfect the dirty surface well. A steam cleaner will be a perfect solution that will work even in case of persistent and difficult-to-remove stains and dirt. The device effectively kills bacteria with steam, simplifies the removal of pollutants, and shortens the cleaning process. What is significant, a steam cleaner does not require the use of additional detergents or disinfectants. That is why it is an ecological and economical solution. In addition, it is much more effective than most detergents and kills more than 99 percent of bacteria, viruses, germs, and other harmful microbes in the dirt.

Fortador Volt Mini portable steam cleaner

If you are looking for a practical steam cleaner, choose the Fortador Volt Mini. It is a portable and really light device for home use. You can move it between rooms easily. The vacuum cleaner heats up very quickly and produces steam in just a few minutes. It works at high pressure and temperatures, which guarantees high efficiency. It is made of durable stainless steel. It is why that device lasts for years. The rich set of accessories allows you to clean almost every part of the house or apartment and guarantees disinfection, which is not possible with other devices.

Cleaning the house after the party

With the Fortador steam cleaner, you can easily remove dirt from the floor. Another good way of cleaning sticky floors and hard stains is to use a mixture of vinegar and water. You can also sprinkle the surface with baking soda and leave it for a few hours. Cleaning the bathroom can be a real challenge. Focus primarily on the toilet, sink, and mirrors but on the tops of the cabinets too. Refresh the air with an air freshener or light your favorite candle. Remember to clean thoroughly and take your time. That is the only way to make the apartment look like there has never been a party here.