Highly concentrated eco-friendly detergents that you can use in your daily work

Fortador professional auto-detailing detergents

50 to 1 Glass Cleaner

Free of ammonia, safe for tinted glass, alcohol-based glass cleaner, highly concentrated

Fortador professional auto-detailing detergents

Yellow Interior Cleaner

Ultra-strong degreaser, absolutely safe for cleaning internal materials, with a nice Fortador formula smell, suitable for removing light and medium dirt with a hand brush or extractor.

Fortador professional auto-detailing detergents

Magic wash

Highly concentrated polymer-based washing solution that can be used as APC grease, clay and anhydrous.

Fortador professional auto-detailing detergents

Magic Handwash

Anhydrous polymer-based agent with wax additives that can be used to rinse a car before steam washing or maintenance washing

Fortador professional auto-detailing detergents

White Nano Wax

Durable and easy to use spray wax that can be used on cars, motorcycles, boats to protect the paint from the sun and add a perfect look.

Fortador professional auto-detailing detergents

Heavy Degreaser

Degreaser for heavily soiled surfaces, such as: engine, wheels. Ideal for commercial cleaning.

Fortador professional auto-detailing detergents

Tire Gel

Ideal for high-gloss finishing of tyres and plastic elements.

Fortador professional auto-detailing detergents

Limescale Remover

Concentrated descaling agent for steam and water washers, acid-resistant kitchen appliances, as well as for other household appliances and components.

Fortador professional auto-detailing detergents

LeatherVinylTrim Protectant

Perfect for moisturizing,
refreshing and regenerating leather, plastic and vinyl parts,
based on avocado oil.

Fortador professional auto-detailing detergents

IPA Paint Cleaner

IPA Cleaner with solvents to remove polishing residues or additional cleaning before applying protective materials for better bonding.

Fortador professional auto-detailing detergents

Kevlar ceramic coating

Ceramic coatings that will protect the bodywork, rims, windows and interior of your vehicle. It will make sure your car will gain a perfect look.

Fortador professional auto-detailing detergents

Car Wash and Detailing Starting Set of Supplies

A complete set of all Fortador cleaners, microfibre towels, steam cleaner maintenance parts. The set is enough for more than 250 washes.

Kevlar ceramic coatings


If you really want your car to look sensational,
consider buying Kevlar products as soon as possible!
It is an excellent solution for securing the bodywork, rims, windows and the interior of the vehicle.
This product is the most frequently chosen accessory
by car dealers and professional auto detailers.


Kevlar ceramic coatings

Why is it worth using a Kevlar ceramic coating?


If you really care about protecting the body and interior of your vehicle, make sure to choose our ceramic coating by Kevlar! Unlike wax, it protects more permanently and does not require repeated application, but only local restoration. Did you know that Kevlar is more durable than steel and resistant to stretching? It will provide effective protection against destruction!

Fade protection

Kevlar applied to the dashboard makes it more resistant to UV rays and fading.

Safety while travelling

Kevlar means better visibility in rain and snowstorms. The clearer the windshield, the better the visibility. Kevlar “repels” water drops and snowflakes, so that they do not settle on the glass, but flow off it, providing driving comfort and a greater sense of security and control over the car.

Longer fabric life

Kevlar is a guarantee of easier cleaning and longer life of fabrics.  Our coating creates a protective barrier on the seats, which makes the fabrics easier to clean and better protected against penetration of dirt or spilled drinks into the material. Thanks to such a protective layer, it is much easier to vacuum and remove dust, sand or dirt before they permeate the material and eventually damage it.

Why Kevlar?


Protection against contaminants and polluting factors

Kevlar offers excellent protection for the vehicle against contaminants and/or pollutants that can irreversibly damage its body.


A car with a high-gloss polish

Kevlar will make your vehicle well-groomed and shiny.


UV protection shield

The ceramic coating with Kevlar will leave a special layer on the paint, which will help protect the vehicle from the harmful effects of sunlight.

Kevlar ceramic coatings

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