Christian Schøler

Simple choice! Talking about steam machines made by the Polish manufacturer that conquered Denmark

When we tested one of the machines, it was immediately clear to us that we were dealing with high-quality equipment. The choice was simple! Because great quality parts mean less downtime and greater efficiency, and this is one of the most important priorities of our business – says Christian Schøler about the beginnings of the fruitful cooperation between the Scandinavian company SteamRex and the Polish manufacturer of modern steam wash Fortador, which has been ongoing for several years.

The operational manager of this dynamically developing 100-branch car wash chain, which revolutionized the car care market in Denmark emphasizes that quality and modern technologies go hand in hand with the company’s green policy and exceptional care for ecology and sustainable development.

That is why it is so important to choose the right partners. It is worth emphasizing that all suppliers and partners of SteamRex, which serves such prestigious companies as Lego or Copenhagen Airport, undergo a multi-stage selection and certification process, and must also meet a number of stringent requirements related to ecology both at the beginning of cooperation and later on, at its every stage. The choice of Fortador machines was therefore not an accidental one. One of the key points here was that they use VHO technology, i.e. refined vegetable oil recovered on an industrial scale from food production. But there was more to it than that – emphasizes our interlocutor

– In addition, Fortador machines use up less fuel and, in some cases, less water than their counterparts. The steam is also drier then, and so it does not ruin fabrics. Moreover, the maintenance of the machines is much easier than was the case with our previous suppliers, says Schøler and concludes with a smile: We are very pleased with our cooperation with Fortador. The machines, customer service and support, all are excellent!