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Extraction steam cleaner with a dry-wet vacuum.
Foratdor’s ECO PRO system
– 110-120 V or 220-230 V

The FORTADOR company is a developer of Steam Cleaning System as a synergy of European hand-crafted assembling production facility and United States Polymer Lab and Production of Eco-Friendly cleaning detergents.

Fortador is the steam cleaner manufacturer you can depend on.

We have an exclusive cooperation with the Lamborghini Caroclima burners division, that allow to register international trademark “Fortador powered by Lamborghini”

The company has sales and service offices in USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, Russia, UAE, South America, Australia and India.

Our R&D and Production Departments, have created 5th generation of most advanced steamers in the market that delivers best performance and reliability in class.

Fortador is Steam car wash machine producer.

Our chemical department, made most effective polymer system for any type of cleaning from automotive and boat to aircraft, and residential. High concentrated eco-friendly nano detergents delivers outstanding level of shine and less time consuming.

Highest standard of hand-crafted equipment and only European original components allow to get up to 3 years of warranty to our state-of-art equipment.

Lamborghini is the hallmark to Fortador’s technology. And when it comes to designing machines, our engineers never compromise, which results in a unique combination of efficiency and effectiveness – the very definition of Fortador.

High pressure of the released steam (16 BAR) means not only saving your time and money but also saving water and conserving the environment. At Fortador, we recognize the moral responsibility of the industry and we encompass caring for environment into our ethics.

Fortador’s philosophy is to create effective solutions. Our steam generator is the source of our power and a solution for the most demanding customers.

Fortador is not just an effective cleaning device. We’re quite beautiful, too, and design is our major concern. There is plenty of thought and care put into this neat modern body, and you cannot but admit that it is attractive.

Probably the first and only steam cleaner in the market offering independent ejection of two hot detergents and steam, at the same time. What does it mean in practice? Simultaneous steam and detergent cleaning of two objects or washing with disinfection function!

We offer you the most powerful machines in the market. Why waste your time on ineffective solutions? Fortador is the steam cleaner manufacturer you can depend on. We know that you expect perfection and we did that for you.

Less is more and we understand this concept, less waste, less parts and nozzles, less hassle and less effort. We know you are busy and you work hard, and you expect the technology to be of help, not an obstacle. Good news. We are on the same page.

The philosophy of Fortador has an uncompromising approach. We have a zero tolerance policy towards any dirt, bacteria, germs and mites. This is deeply ingrained in our products and basically, it will do the job for you. Efficient and intuitive, Fortador’s devices optimize your schedule and your income. The math behind it is easy – if three operators can use the machine at the same time, you can be three times more efficient! Let Fortador do it for you.

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