Testimonials from our clients.

I came across Fortador thanks to a friend’s recommendation. Purchasing PRO+ cleaner turned out to be scoring bull’s eye. Comparing to traditional water cleaners, Fortador PRO+ is more economical in maintenance and so far foolproof. Handling is really intuitive and it doesn’t take much effort. The most important criterium for me was the power of the machine and its practical aspect. I’m really happy about the purchase, if I keep getting more clients, I will consider getting another machine.

Celal Yildiz


A cleaner just for a person like me. Easy in handling, problem free, and, compared to water cleaner, cheap in maintenance. I’m really glad that after the purchase I could accept many new commissions. I can use the cleaner in the places that I couldn’t have used the water one, as for electronics or other delicate elements. Cleaning with Fortador allowed me to increase my revenue.

Aurimas Lukauskis

Vilnus, Lithuania

The cleaners go in full swing and earn for themselves from the first day on. Certainly an advantage is the quality and solidity of the design, everything is well-fitted and falls just into the right place. I also like the fact that the machines don’t make too much noise and the handling is limited to just a bare minimum. Fortador machines are ideal for cleaning cars or not so easily accessible places in the buildings. I use Volt for minor works (smaller size, easier to transport) and I go for Pro+ for bigger commissions.

Americo Correira


German customers do value the quality and promptness of the services provided. The Pro + Fortador Cleaner allowed me to increase my capacity for commissions and improved the quality of my performance. Cleaning with steam is easy and much more comfortable than doing it with water. The cleaner itself is just a well-rounded device – you can fully prepare the car ready to be returned to the client or clean the insides of the restaurant. I value how practical, foolproof and economical it is

Mariusz Andrusik

Berlin, Germany

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