Fortador Self Wash model 2020 is the best response to the growing market demand. The device has three programs:

  • Steam wash
  • Steam cleaning with detergent
  • Vacuuming

Settle payments by card, banknotes and coins. This robot will prepare and send you a daily report on profit generated.

A modern robot used for upholstery washing with steam, ideally suited as a permanent element at self-service car washes, gas stations or shopping centers. Designed for the most demanding customers who achieve the greatest satisfaction and satisfaction with end result, relying on themselves.

Innovative design, careful workmanship and the highest quality of the product are words that flawlessly describe this device! If you are still thinking about the benefits of using our machine, read the description below and dispel all your doubts. Unlike water, the Self Wash self-service machine has a much higher temperature, so that  dirt in the upholstery is immediately dissolved. The steam nozzle, connected to the extractor’s suction nozzle, sucks moisture and all dirt at the same time, leaving the washed element clean, disinfected, fragrant and practically dry. Our device will meet the users’ expectations regardless of the season. Just a short moment is enough for the customer to fully use the car and enjoy such a great result. The whole is complemented by a built-in, professional dry / wet extractor from the reputable company Ghibli & Wierbel, which helps to reduce the moisture content of the upholstery to below 5%.

The newest generation of Fortador Self Wash does not generate water or chemical sewage. It also does not require plumbing or notifications. The model most often chosen by: self-service car washes, gas stations and shopping centers.

The rate of return is 12-18 months depending on the location of installed equipment. The machine will earn on its leasing, but also on you! Are you afraid of risk? Unnecessarily! Show your customers that you are developing and offering new services. Cut the nose off the competition and generate passive income of up to PLN 9,000 a month!

Fortador components used in the construction are of the highest quality, which guarantees the position of the leader in the industry and you have trouble-free operation for 365 days and 24 hours a day.

Our dealerships are located in Montreal, Miami, Dubai, Pretoria, Hong Kong and Bangkok. Machines are built in accordance with CE norms and standards, Lamborghini Caloreclima, TUV Nord, Florida As, UL CAN / US.


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