Fortador BLUE MAGIC Steam Wash

Fortador BLUE MAGIC Steam Wash will add power to your Fortador Steamer, increasing a shine of paint and helps you performing interior jobs.

This unique product contains substantive polymers which bond to the paint and protect it during the wash. Therefore, Fortador BLUE MAGIC Steam Wash offers greater protection and lubricity than conventional car washes leaving a sleek & glossy finish behind afterwards.

Additional benefits are faster washes, ability to wash anywhere at anytime including washing of interior, upholstery and carpet and greater looking car finishes.

Fortador BLUE MAGIC Steam Wash can also be used to wash motorhomes, motorcycles, boats, and planes.

Add 1 oz. of Fortador BLUE MAGIC Steam Wash to 2 gallons of water, every full fill of main tank of Fortador Steamer add 4 oz and shake machine for 5 seconds to mix.

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Polymer wash with dryer added directly to a boiler of steam cleaners.

1 gallon provides 1,000 l of ready product.