Cargo Slider vehicle bodywork (sliding bed with flooring)


If you are planning to use our steam cleaners, this offer is for you!




It is a wonderful solution for anybody who wants to be fully prepared for launching their mobile steam cleaner business.

Cargo slider for cars which is used to perform steam cleaning services is a vital element to make your daily work effortless. It can give you the comfort of transporting your cleaner to wherever your customer is, and when you get there, it makes it so much easier to use the equipment, too. You won’t have to load and unload your machine anymore, you can just use your new gadget to slide it out of your car and start your work immediately. It also allows you to segregate your detergents properly which is necessary every time you use your cleaner. Simply put, without the slider, your Fortador mobile business is not complete.

Our local retailers can help you with installing the slider if needed.

Dimensions: details in the gallery

Weight: 110 kg + 15 kg ramp

Price of the slider: 1860 EUR

Price of the installation: 100 EUR

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110 kg + 15 kg ramp


details in the gallery