Fortador Ceramic Coating

Fortador Ceramic Coating a high-tech polymer system that forms an extra layer of clear coat over painted surfaces, wheels, plastic trim, bumpers, aluminum, and chrome. Fortador Ceramic Coating designed to provide unsurpassed resistance to etching caused by harsh detergents, and swirl marks that are often inflicted during the wash process. Surfaces that are coated with Fortador Ceramic Coating will be protected for up to two years from:

Birds droppings

Weather & UV damage

Bug Splatter

High Thermal Damage

Tree Sap

Chemical Damage

Oxidation & Corrosion

Fortador Ceramic Coating much like the clear coat that already exists on your vehicle, except it forms a shell of protection that is glossier, slicker, and less prone to wash-induced swirl marks and marring. Fortador Ceramic Coating creates a self cleaning finish that is considerably easier to clean and maintain compared to conventional waxes and sealants.

Fortador Ceramic Coating can be applied to all exterior surfaces. It is not recommended for glass since improper application can affect visibility. For other exterior surfaces, Fortador Ceramic Coating a highly effective, transparent protective coating.

Fortador Ceramic Coating can be applied to:

  • Painted surfaces
  • Wheels
  • Plastic trim
  • Bumpers
  • Aluminum & chrome surfaces

Fortador Ceramic Coating an additional barrier between the elements and your vehicle’s paint. The paint will retain its color and contaminants will be blocked out to keep the paint smooth and clean. Unlike waxes and paint sealants that require frequent reapplication, Fortador Ceramic Coating provides constant, unyielding protection for up to two years!

Because Fortador Ceramic Coating semi-permanent, the paint finish has to be properly prepared before applying it. Any blemishes or contamination on the paint will be locked in so remove them first! On a properly prepared paint finish, Fortador Ceramic Coating will look clear, smooth, and clean.

Once Fortador Ceramic Coating cures, washing is the only maintenance needed to keep your vehicle looking fantastic. The coating can be clayed but it should not be necessary since Fortador Ceramic Coating releases contaminants easily. Use detail sprays as desired to intensify the gloss. You can top the coating with your favorite non-abrasive wax or sealant if you desire.



1. Polish paint to remove any defects.

2. Make Full Steam Wash to remove polish resedue

3. Prepare surface for coating using 15% IPA solution

4. Apply 7-8 drops of Fortador Ceramic Coat to the supplied foam applicator pad per panel, if you will

do 2 steps coating, or 12-15 drops of you will do single step coating

5. Wipe Fortador Ceramic Coat onto one panel at a time in an overlapping circular motion.

6. Wait for 60 seconds after application to allow the coating to cure. Inspect the panel with

adequate lighting to find any high spots or streaks, wipe them with applicator

7. Use Soft Microfiber Towel to even out any streaks or high spots. This step is very important and

must be done within 60 – 150 seconds, than 80% of coating will crosslink to paint, after

application as any spots not leveled will have to be polished if allowed to fully cure. Panels will

feel a bit tacky after 3 minutes from application as Fortador Ceramic Coat cross links and bonds.

8. Repeat steps 3-6 for each panel where application is desired.

9. If you choose 2 steps method – second layer 8-10 drops per panel is required after 30 minutes.

10. We recommend to apply Fortador Sealant after 60 minutes of last layer of Fortador Ceramic Coat

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Ceramic protection for paint, windows and wheel rims. Protects surfaces from scratching up to 24 months. Direct application for degreased surface.