Fortador Pro Plus

Diesel Hybrid Steam Cleaner FORTADOR PRO + is powered by a powerful Lamborghini burner. Giving both a steam cleaning and washing function, with the ability to provide two different detergents at the same time from two guns. The steam is at a pressure of 16 Bar or 232 PSI, for use with Car Wash, upholstery steam wash, vacuum and much more. All enclosed in a single casing, of modern design and made of ecological and corrosion free resistant aluminium alloy.

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Fortador PRO PLUS is a Plug In Diesel Hybrid steam cleaner – the newest generation of this popular model. It is manufactured with greatest care at the Fortador factory near Warsaw. This is the most powerful hybrid combustion device, equipped with a nearly 50 horsepower engine, supplied and manufactured at our request by the Italian company Lamborghini. The device is an electric diesel hybrid consuming only 0.6l of diesel per hour of operation. In conjunction with the Power Bank, Fortador V series creates a version 100% independent of the Plug In power source. You can perform services where there is no electricity for up to 10 hours, and the use of loud and exhaust-generating power generators is unwelcome.

This exclusive model will meet even the highest expectations due to the possibility of washing cars at two stands at the same time and the upholstery washing function at the third stand. Thanks to this, it guarantees amazing time saving, high efficiency and 100% satisfaction with  work done on it. It has a built-in, professional dry / wet extractor of the reputable company Ghibli & Wierbel, which can also work as an independent device.

The product enjoys extraordinary recognition of recipients, does not generate water and chemical sewage. It also does not require plumbing or notifications.

The model most often chosen by: mobile car washes, car workshops, vulcanization, autodetailing points and car dealerships. According to German consumers, future of the car wash in relation to strict CO2 emission standards.

Modern design and the highest quality components guarantee the position of leader in the industry. Our dealerships are located in Montreal, Miami, Dubai, Pretoria, Hong Kong and Bangkok. Machines are built in accordance with CE norms and standards, Lamborghini Caloreclima, TUV Nord, Florida As, UL CAN / US.

Additional information

Steam Pressure

16 kgf/cm2 (165Kg/h of DRY STEAM); control for steam wetness

Operating Temperature

120-140 °C or 234-273 °F

Boiler Temperature

260 °C or 506 °F regulated thermostat / auto stop

Numbers of Boilers


Capacity of Boilers

11.5 l (3 gallons)

Heating Time

2-7 min

Capacity of water /diesel / detergent 1 / detergent 2 container

Capacity of water /diesel / detergent 1 /
detergent 2 container

Working Volume

60-78 dB

Voltage and frequency

220-230 V / 50-60 Hz or 110-120 V / 50-60 Hz

Diesel usage

0.6 litres or 0.63 quarts of diesel in combined mode
(Lamborghini® Eco 3R oil burner)

Net weight

200 kg or 440 lbs


77 cm (30 in) W x 140 cm (55 in) L x 112 cm (45 in) H

Standard Acessories

– Anti-burn steam gun RL 20 x 2 pcs.
– Isolated steam hose, pressure (10 m / 30 ft.) 2 pcs.
– Washing gun with small nozzle for upholstery
(4 touch functions) 1 pc.
– Isolated steam pressure hose; steam cleaning and extraction (5 m / 15 ft.) 1 pc.
– Ghibli & Wirbel dry / wet vacuum cleaner 1 pc.
– Set of end parts for vacuum cleaner 1pc.
– Short lance with steam nozzle – variable spacing
(50 cm / 20 inches) 1 pc.
– Release nozzle 1 pc.
– Transport belts 3 pcs.
– Repair set 1pc.

Case material


Boiler Material

Boiler Steel

FUEL heating System


Descale System


Providing Hot Detergent


Protection against electric shock


Emergency stop button


Working on water tanks or directly from garden hose connection


Features of 7-inch LCD display

Pressure indicator; fluids level indicator; moto hours counter; serial number display; water level in boiler; signalisation of water pump and fuel pump operation; setting dry or wet steam; service panel; removing water in order to prevent freezing; starting a supply of detergents from machine.

Power consumption (W)

650 (machine) + 1150 (vacuum cleaner)

Other information

Purchase price includes a Certificate testifying that the Fortador machines have undergone the tests, which confirm a possibility to sterilise and disinfect them (issued by Sanitary-Epidemiological Station