Fortador SELF WASH


Return on investment in less than a year?

Gain crowds of happy costumers.

Vacuum, Steam a Detergent upholstery wash has never been so easy and so cost effective for end users.


Instruction – Download

The self-service Fortador Self Wash of the 5th generation is a high-tech robot for
washing upholstery while using steam. Steam as opposed to water has a significantly
higher temperature therefore it dissolves dirt in the upholstery much quicker.
A steam nozzle combined with an extractor suction piece sucks simultaneously
moisture and contaminations leaving the washed element clean and practically
dry. The built-in professional dry / wet extractor manufactured by the renowned
Ghibili & Wierbel company lower the dampness of the upholstery up to below 5%.
The customer drives out with a dry, scented and disinfected vehicle. Its state-of-art
design and a speech synthesizer will revitalise each facility.

The Fortador SELF WASH of the 5th generation does not generate any water or
chemical sewages. It requires neither sewage system nor lodging applications.
Delivery all around the country and e-training free of charge.

This is the most frequently chosen model by: self-service car washes, filling
stations, shopping centres.

Return on investment within 12-18 months. The machine will earn for its leasing and
You. Just show your customer that your company develops and offers new services.
Cut your competition down to size.

The highest quality components guarantee a position of the leader in the industry.
Our dealer showroom can be found in Miami, Dubai, Pretoria, Hong Kong and
Bangkok. The machines are built according to the standards and CE marking
certification requirements, Lamborghini Caloreclima, TÜV Nord, Florida As, UL

Additional information

Max. working steam pressure

8 Bars or 116 PSI

Steam operating temperature

120-140 °C or 234-273 °F

Preheating time

Prompt readiness

Working volume

60-74 dB

Voltage and frequency

400 V / 50-60 Hz or 240 V / 50-60 Hz

Preferred connections (led from concrete foundations)

Electric energy / water (option) / sewage system (option)

Net weight

450 kg or 992 lbs

Dimensions of machine base (concrete foundations required) Figure no. 1

66 cm / 26 in (W) x 50 cm / 20 in (L) x 25 cm / 10 in (H)


66 cm / 26 in (W) x 50 cm / 20 in (L) x 25 cm / 10 in (H)

Standard Acessories

– Isolated steam pressure hose; steam cleaning and extraction (10 m / 30 ft.) 1 pc.
– Washing gun with small nozzle for upholstery
(4 touch functions) 1 pc.

Case Material


Boiler Material

Acid-resistant Stainless Steel

Anti-theft system


Continuous operations 24 hrs. / 365 days


Providing hot detergents


ECO PRO® system of reducing energy consumption


Heating system and anti-freezing system


Features of 19-inch LCD display

Cash desk application; monitoring of operations with fault auto-reporting; cash reports with function of sending e-mails every 24 hrs.; washing with detergent programme; washing with detergent programme for allergic persons; vacuum cleaning programme; remote
diagnosis and repair via TimeViewer; service panel; starting a supply of detergents from machine.

Power consumption (W)