Fortador VOLT DUAL


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Fortador VOLT DUAL is the latest development in the offer of our company. The performance of this model includes 12 Bars soit is better than in the case of the leading internal combustion machines on the market. It is the latest 5th generation machine based on the verified Fortador VOLT PRO model.

This model is a unique steam device on the market that allows for working without any exhaust fumes. Two independent boilers guarantee the highest power and reliability. The Fortador VOLT DUAL is powered by three phases and features the proprietary ECO PRO® system of reducing energy consumption. The VOLT DUAL model is like a strong man, which enables to work independently by two operators. It simultaneously cleans two cars using steam with a detergent. The Fortador VOLT DUAL does not generate any water or chemical sewages. It requires neither sewage system nor lodging applications.

This is the most frequently chosen model by: car washes, cleaning companies and auto detailing companies in the underground garages, car showrooms, shopping centres, production companies.
It is an electric equivalent of the Fortador Pro S Diesel Hybrid model.
A modern design and the highest quality components guarantee a position of the leader in the industry. Our dealer showroom can be found in Miami, Dubai, Pretoria, Hong Kong and Bangkok. The machines are built according to the standards and CE marking certification requirements, Lamborghini Caloreclima, TÜV Nord, Florida As, UL CAN / US.

Additional information

Max. working steam pressure

12 Bars or 174 PSI

Steam operating temperature

120-140 °C or 234-273 °F

Boiler Temperature

190 °C or 370 °F thermostat / auto stop

Numbers of Boilers

2 independent 5 l boilers, activated together or independently

Preheating time

4-10 min.

Working volume

60-74 dB

Voltage and frequency

400 V / 50-60 Hz or 240 V / 50-60 Hz

Net weight

65 kg or 143 lbs


50 cm / 20 in (W) x 98 cm / 40 in (L) x 78 cm / 30 in (H)

Standard Acessories

– Anti-burn steam gun RL 20 x 2 pcs
– Isolated steam hose, pressure (10 m / 30 ft.) 2 pcs.
– Short lance with steam nozzle – variable spacing
(50 cm / 20 inches) 1 pc.
– Transport belts 3 pcs.
– Repair set 1pc.

Boiler Material

Acid-resistant stainless steel

Features of 5-inch LCD display

Pressure indicator; fluids level indicator; moto hours counter; serial number display; water level in boiler; signalisation of water pump operation; setting dry or wet steam; service panel; removing water in order to prevent freezing; starting a supply of detergents from

Power consumption (W)


Case Material


Other information

Purchase price includes a Certificate testifying that the Fortador machines have undergone the tests, which confirm a possibility to sterilise and disinfect them (issued by Sanitary-Epidemiological Station)