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4 IMPORTANT FACTS about our air ozone generators:

  • up to 500 m2 – this area will be served by our stationary air and surface ozonator in 30 minutes!
  • High power – up to 50 grams / h of ozone is generated by our proprietary solution of stationary devices for disinfection, among others. vehicles, public transport or car fleet
  • VISUAL COHESION WITH YOUR BRAND – we will prepare devices based on the graphic theme of your brand *
  • MULTIPLE DEVICES – we offer this solution for larger areas over 500m


To meet your expectations, we offer a stationary OZONE Generator with Air sanitation by PHILIPS UV C LAMP that will protect your home and company, family, friends, clients, and employees.


European manufactured and fully certified machine, designed and produced by Fortador in cooperation with PHILIPS. According to WHO experts, one of the most effective methods of disinfection is ozone treatment. We can carry out this process in any room or building. Ozonation is a disinfection method without chemicals, where ozone is a biocidal agent with very strong sterilizing and disinfecting properties. Ozonation works wherever microbiological purity and sterility are essential. Thanks to ozone, we remove unpleasant odors, bacteria, fungi, mold, and most important viruses. The breakdown of ozone destroys the cell walls of microorganisms. Ozone reacts with bacteria, viruses, and fungi, neutralizing them.

Especially for you, our divice are additionally equipped with a PHILIPS UV-C lamp, which allows you to sterilize the air additionally 24h/7.

What does it mean? Air is sucked inside the device through the holes at the bottom of the Ozonator. Then, passing through the first activated carbon filter, it is cleaned of solid particles and parts of organic gaseous compounds. After the initial cleaning, it enters the chamber with a lamp that produces UV-C radiation, which destroys viruses, bacteria, and fungus.  Lamp service life is 9,000 hours. After leaving the chamber, the air escapes through the exhaust port on the top of the device.

Advantages of having your own Fortador disinfection devices:

– low costs only electricity

– the possibility of disinfecting even several times a day, e.g., during employee shifts

– PHILIPS UV C air sterilization 24h / day

– manufacturer’s warranty with the possibility of extension

– possibility to order devices with the customer’s logo – easy to use

– fully automatic

– panel secured with an access key to the OZON function

– LED backlight to indicate operation in a given function

– timeless European design



Based on the area and cubic capacity of the facility or house, the approximate cost of outsourcing the disinfection service carried out by the company is USD 1.50-2.00 net per m2
The cost of the service is USD 750-1000 net. (monthly x 4 weeks USD 3000-4000)

One disinfection serves up to5000sf or 500m2 and works for you 24 hours a day
You have a larger facility (after calculating the area up to 5k sf/500m2 x 1 pc, 10k sf/1000m2 x 2 pcs, etc.)

Price USD 2900 (installment 60 USD months – 48 months)
Possible financing – a loan for a private person or leasing for companies.
Return on investment after 1 month, but your pillar works 24 hours a week, not once a week as in the case of external disinfection.

Secure your home, business, and start saving immediately.

At the client’s request, we conduct the necessary tests and issue disinfection certificates.

Possibility of your own branding with a minimum quantity of 50 pcs.

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