Water softener

If you are planning to use our steam cleaners, Consider purchasing our Lamborghini Water Softener to avoid problems with limescale



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Water softener for domestic use with combined volume/time regeneration.

Fully automatic valve.
Three working modes of regeneration: time, volume-time and immediate volume, with an optional flowmeter.
An electronic volumetric programmer without an electrical valve.
Automatic mixing of hard water and bypass for the regeneration.
Very quiet valve and low water and salt consumption during regeneration.
Regeneration every 1-99 days.
Display of all of the functions.
Electronic flow meter for regeneration in volume mode.
Fitted with “BIO COMPURITY SYSTEM” granting total protection against the risk of bacteria spreading.
Optional display of overall water consumption.
13mm diameter hose for the outcoming water.
Produced with carefully selected materials appropriate to be in contact with food.
In accordance with the newest legislation D.M. n° 25 02/2012 and D.M. 06/04/2004
Easy to install as it does not require many adjustments to be suitable for domestic use. It just needs connecting to the plumbing system and a source of power 110 V/50Hz.
Efficient filter for incoming water which stops the suspension.
The conservation of the device is easy thanks to the simplicity of its construction.
The inbuilt bypass helps regulate the hardness of the outcoming water.
The softener retains its memory data.