We are more and more aware that we influence our environment with everyday choices and decisions. Fortador is aware of this, too, and wants to help you go green with your cleaning business.

There are different categories and standards against which one can measure the success of an enterprise. In the world of steam cleaners producers, quite obviously, one expects infallible quality and execution of the product, as well as smart design and excellent performance every time. Friendly and responsive customer service is no less important. With Fortador’s foolproof machines powered by Lamborghini, produced from durable materials, smartly designed and intuitive in use, and with our professional teams ready to assist you whenever you need it, we tick all the boxes. However, we think that nowadays one needs to expect more.

We believe there is an ethical dimension to business. In the times global warming is a palpable threat, we recognise the importance of being a conscious producers and consumers. We design our products so that they are efficient and eco-friendly, helping you make conscious and green decisions for your household and your business.

Limit your consumption and waste production

When considering the footprint of your cleaner, water consumption, as well as sewage and detergents that you use is something you have to take into consideration. Indeed, those are major concerns for the owners of the traditional water pressure cleaners as they comprise a major expenditure. Steam cleaners do not produce any sewage and detergents are not necessary for them to perform effectively, which not only decreases the risk of allergic reactions but also decreases your footprint. If compared to traditional water cleaners, the water consumption in steam cleaners is decreased by 90%, with average usage on the level of 600cc/min x1 (max. 1,200cc).

All this means that steam cleaners are the best possible solution for the environment. However, we do not become compliant and we keep working hard to make the difference even bigger.

Volt S and technological advancements

One way to do it is to continue our cooperation with the teams of technological masterminds who share our concern for the environment.

One of the most recent effects of such cooperation is Volt S powered by Lamborghini. Launched recently during Montreal Electro Vehicle Show (26-28.05.2017), Volt S is our new gem and an indicator of our ideas as a brand. On the top of all of the ecological benefits of steam cleaners, Volt S operates on ECO PRO system. This is an intelligent system of adjusting the power of the coil heater which allows to increase the power of the machine even by 50%. Also, the work can be performed without any pressure drops. Volt S does not exceed power consumption of 3400 W and guarantees the coil heater efficiency of 3,4 Kw.

We know more and more about global warming and it is not something we can deny anymore. We have to face the fact that we are taking a stance with our daily decisions, at work and at home, with spending our money one way or another. If you are in cleaning business, you have a big say in all this. Make sure you are doing your best with Fortador.