Since entering the wide market, steam cleaners are gaining recognition and popularity exponentially. There are couple of reasons for this.


Firstly, steam cleaners are much more versatile in terms of how and where you can use them. As opposed to water pressure cleaners which are often set on one kind of environment and have certain unsurpassable limitations, with a steam cleaner there are hardly any. You can have a car wash (mobile or stationary), washing upholstery, outer case, and sensitive electronics with no risk of damage and guarantee of squeaky-clean results. You can trust in the quality of your service and sanitizing power of steam and work in hospitals medical centers, SPA and tattoo salons, as well as in hospitality and gastronomy premises. Going mobile with your steam cleaners allows you to build a strong network of business and domestic-based customers. All this goes on the top of the efficient use of materials and time, which directly translates into the minimalized revenue and minimalized influence on the environment.

All of those obvious advantages of steam cleaners caused the market to swell with yet more producers of steam cleaners. For an entrepreneur who justifiably wants to look into the offers, it is quite an overwhelming task to select the best provider. As much as we understand the struggle based on the wide variety of choice, we think that if one chooses the right criteria, the choice becomes much more straightforward.

Fortador is unique in the range of various models it offers, possibilities of its machines powered by Lamborghini and the quality of technical and aesthetical execution. Depending on your expectations, you can get a lighter mobile version, you can get two people to use one machine at the same time with two guns with two different detergents, or you can set up a Self Wash station and just check on your revenue from time to time. Along all this you will always get one year warranty on all of our models and ongoing technical support from our super friendly professional technical support team.

​We are pleased to admit that all this does not go unnoticed in the steam world. To stay on the top of the game and keep improving, we constantly communicate with the masterminds of the discipline and seek for the feedback from our dear customers. We found moto fairs to be a perfect opportunity for this kind of development and growth. On the top of positive wind of change it sometimes brings, we are happy to mention that we were honored with official recognition on many of the fairs worldwide – just to mention the spread of three continents – in Poland, China and the US. If you are not too sure how to trust your own judgement, trust professionals and experts who choose Fortador. Visit our website to see what have we got on offer and contact us for details.