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Get to know our self-service steam car wash facilities

Since the launch of self-service car washes, the industry has undergone a significant transformation. People running stationary car washes have noticed the benefits that result from the use of modern, ecological solutions. More and more people have invested in mobile steam washes, as well as devices that allow you to take care of the upholstery yourself. Self-Wash devices, commonly known as self steam machines, can be found, for example, at gas stations or as additional equipment for traditional car washes and shopping centers parking lots.

Who chooses to own a stationary steam car washes and why?

Self Wash devices can be recommended to all those who are interested in expanding the number of services they provide. A self-service steam wash is designed for installation in places of your choice, including petrol stations and stationary car washes, parking lots. Business people who have their own piece of land and a plan to start their own business can also benefit from the advantages of this device. The equipment can therefore play a twofold role: it can be additional equipment that allows making earnings, or basic equipment used to vacuum upholstery and wash it. It is a passive income with a fast return on investments this is why our average client owns more than five units per town they are in.

What are the additional benefits of investing in a Fortador self-service car wash?

The Fortador brand offers comprehensive support for people who have invested in stationary steam washes Self-Wash and Self Wash Deluxe. The buyer receives logistical assistance and undergoes training that allows him to use the device correctly. Among the most important advantages for the investor can be mentioned: – the simplicity of installation, – virtually zero maintenance costs, – trouble-free operation of the device, – damage/vandal resistant device, – anti-theft system, – 24/7 operation, all year long, – the possibility to adjust the color scheme according to a given specification, – eco-friendly solutions. Our stationary steam washes, such as Self Wash devices, allow you to earn and acquire new customers with minimal effort. Stationary steam washes can be a great complement to local business or an ideal opportunity to develop it in different parts of the city.
self-service steam car wash


State-of-the-art Fortador Self Wash does not generate water or chemical wastewater. Also, it does not require sewage and administrative notifications.

A modern robot used to wash upholstery using steam, which is ideal as a permanent element at self-service car washes, petrol stations, or shopping centers. Designed for the most demanding customers.



The deluxe version is the cutting-edge generation of washing machines. Despite its larger dimensions, it does not generate sewage or require additional permits either. It can be placed practically anywhere: in car parks, shopping centres, petrol stations, or self-service car washes.

The model has exactly the same functionalities as those built into the first of the series Self Wash ONE and TWO model. Yet the Deluxe model has been fitted with two additional functions and optional: Drying the car body or interior with a stream of air High pressure water wash

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