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What to look for when choosing
a professional steam wash?

Buying a professional steam cleaner

Buying a professional steam wash, you can easily get rid of even very persistent dirt. What’s more, thanks to the use of hot steam, the amount of detergents and other chemical cleaning agents is reduced. Therefore, it is an excellent solution for those suffering from allergies, those who care about the natural environment, and all those who care about quick and professional cleaning of surfaces. The steam wash has a very wide range of applications. With it, you can effectively wash not only a car, but also many other surfaces. It is perfect for cleaning paving stones, concrete, but also facades, or garden architecture. A steam wash can also very widely used at home, because thanks to it you can effectively remove microorganisms, bacteria, as well as permanent dirt from textiles. This makes steam washes more and more popular and trustworthy.

When choosing a steam car wash, it is worth paying attention to its quality of workmanship, as well as the efficiency of work. The Fortador steam wash is equipped with an excellent quality Lamborghini burner. This is its hallmark, as well as a testimony to the excellent quality of the device. What’s more, the Fortador steam wash is also very efficient. It uses as many as two detergents during operation. What’s more, modern technology allows you to independently use these detergents. They are combined with a stream of hot steam, which significantly increases the efficiency of cleaning the surface. What’s more, the use of steam means that you can effectively limit the amount of detergents used. This is not only good for the environment, but also a very economical solution. What’s more, Fortador is also a high-quality engine that enables efficient steam generation, which is the most important element of the entire system. In addition, Fortador taking care only of the efficiency of work, will also strive for a unique design. The device has been designed in a modern way, and at the same time very practical. Its casing fits perfectly into a wide range of usages of the steam cleaner.

The Fortador steam washer also offers the chance to save lots of time during operation, as it is highly efficient. This means that it is dedicated to those clients who have relatively little free time. Using a top-quality Fortador washer, you can wash your car not only very precisely, but also very quickly. This is one of the reasons why customers are so eager to try the Fortador offer.

By using a steam cleaner to wash a car, you can take care not only of its external look, but also of its interior. What’s more, thorough washing with steam makes it clear bacteria, dirt, dust, as well as any other impurities that accumulate in the most persistent places. By thoroughly removing dirt from a car body, you can significantly hinder the development of corrosive processes. Thanks to this, a car will look very attractive, and in addition, there will be no rust on its body. In addition, the steam wash can be used for cleaning such elements as a gear shift, upholstery, and even a dashboard. Steam with easily reach to impenetrable places, removing all dirt from them. At the same time, high temperature effectively kills microbes, viruses, bacteria, as well as various pathogenic fungi.

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Most frequently chosen steam cleaners in 2022


Fortador Pro MAX is a machine that allows three operators to work at the same time.
Also, it does not require sewage or administrative notifications. This is the only model on the market that has the ability to feed two different detergents at the same time along with steam. It does not generate water or chemical wastewater, and it does not require sewage and administrative notifications.

Pro Electra

The Fortador Pro Electra ECO PLUG IN type is the latest generation of steam wash machinery with ZERO CO2 EMISSIONS. The machine is hand-made with the utmost care at the Fortador plant near Warsaw. The Fortador PRO ELECTRA steam wash model 2022 is probably the only electric device on the market with a maximum pressure of up to 16 BAR or 232 PSI, which guarantees better performance than those of several other market-leading diesel combustion machines.


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