Diesel Hybrid Steam Cleaner FORTADOR PRO  is powered by a powerful Lamborghini

burner. It has a function of steam cleaning and washing, using two detergents and steam

at 16 BAR pressure at the same time, from two different guns. All this goes in a modern

casing made of ecological and corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy.








Fortador powered by Lamborghini is an European company with distribution network all over the world. Many years of experience and best-in-class components delivers an answer to modern customers needs and follows demanding requirements of Scandinavian, USA and EU governments. 

Our patented technology provides power and efficiency across of other professional steam cleaners manufacturers. Fortador sets highest standards. 

Solutions, used only in Fortador bestselling products, allow to perform work easier and faster. Ability to apply two different detergents with steam simultaneously by up to 3 employees is unique among competitors.

Built-in steam extractor - vacuum cleaner allows you to wash upholstery with no need to buy additional upholstery cleaner. Fortador is All-In-One device. 

5 or 7-inch touch display shows current fluids level (water, diesel, detergents), current pressure in the boiler, serial number, motor hour recorder, service panel etc. 

Heart and main power plant of Fortador is patented 16 Bar boiler and burner, coming from a world-class manufacturer - Lamborghini. The highest quality of the combustion system and low diesel consumption enable even faster return on investment.
Fortador powered by Lamborghini brand will provide straight forward message to your clients.
Using best machine on market means you are providing best possible service quality without any shortcuts. 

If you are cleaning company, detailer, car wash or thinking about own Fortador dealership you in the right place. 
Don't hesitate and apply or inquire now.








Regulated pressure 2 x gun max 16 Bar or 232 PSI 
Operating temperature 120-140°C or 248-284°F reg.thermostat / auto.stop
Boiler temperature (regulated) 190°C or 374°F (Max. 200°C or 392°F)
Preheating time 2-6 min.
Capacity of water/diesel/det. 1/det. 2 container  25/15,5/5/5 Litre or 5/4/1/1 Gallons
Working volume 60dB
Voltage and frequency 220-230V Or 110-120V 
Water usage (regulated) 600 cc/min x 1 (Max. 1,200 cc)
Diesel usage 0,6 litres or 0,6 quarts of diesel in combined mode (New type of burner from Lamborghini®) 
Net weight 179 kg or 395 lbs 
Dimensions 77 cm / 30 in (W) x 140 cm / 55 in (L) x 100 cm / 40 in (H)
Standard accesories

- Most powerful steam gun RL 30 X 2 pcs
- Isolated steam hose (10m) 2 pcs
- Set of  4 different accesories
- Ability to apply hot detergent or/and hot wax with steam (2  detergent containers) 

Steam pressure  16 kgf/cm2 (165Kg/h of DRY STEAM); control for steam wetness 
Case material  Aluminum 
Boiler material  Carbon Steel 
Anti-freeze system  YES
Descale system  YES
Features of 5-inch display

- Pressure indicator
- Fluids level indicator
- Motohours counter
- Serial number display
- Water level in boiler
- Signalization of water pump and fuel pump operation

Power consumption (W) 650
Other information On the purchase of one of Fortador’s devices, you will receive professional auto detailing training confirmed by FORTADOR Quality Certificate










We value your peace of mind. Therefore, the warranty on Fortador devices can be extended up to 12 months. In a case of a longer repair, you will be provided with a spare machine. No need to worry about the unexpected. Whatever happens, you , you will get the help you need and will be able to deliver your service 24/7. Check the current offer with the local dealer. 










As a manufacturer, we offer you a unique opportunity to work under our logo by branding your mobile car wash, cleaning company, stationary car wash or by becoming a Fortador dealer. Fortador is a dynamically developing brand, with many branches across the World. We care for every member of our family. If you decide to be Fortador’s commercial partner in your region, we will be there for you, no matter where you are. We will provide you with the professional training and help you with reaching out to your customers. Get in touch now!