Auto – Car detailing steam cleaner is a process consisting in the cleaning, servicing and renovation of motor vehicles that provides excellent protection for the paintwork and restores its original sheen, while the coatings applied ensure long-term protection. This service can be ably supported by the Fortador car detailing stemer, thereby providing a comprehensive care package for cars.

Application steam cleaner of the car detailing

The hot steam generated by the device removes surface dust and grime, or car seat steamer which are broken down under high pressure. But at the same time the steam washer is gentle enough to ensure that no damage occurs to the paintwork or other surfaces. Fortador, which uses engines manufactured by Lamborghini in its products, has marketed the first-ever professional, dedicated steam wash for motor cars, which enables their thorough preservation and polishing. Apart from cleaning the vehicle, the steam disinfects and refreshes its interiors and the greasy subassemblies of the engine – it can be used both outside and inside the vehicle, ensuring that components are cleaned meticulously and safely. The steam wash works with much greater speed than a conventional car wash, and also makes it possible to reach the nooks and crannies that remain out of reach of existing cleaning systems. Thus, we can be certain that the vehicle has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

Greater efficiency at a lower cost

Due to steadily increasing competition, entrepreneurs must attempt to satisfy the wide-ranging expectations of customers, for whom time is of the utmost importance. In this regard, the advantages of the steam wash provide both businesses and customers with a host of advantages. Specifically, the latter save time and find the provision of the service to be more flexible and very convenient – directly at their location. What is more, thanks to its mobility the steam wash does not generate additional costs, such as are normally connected with renting premises or obtaining special permits, thus supporting rapid business development.

Car washing at a conventional facility comprises five stages, each of which is time-consuming and generates considerably higher costs. A steam wash, on the other hand, speeds up the cleaning process without any loss of precision or quality.

Cleaning at a steam wash involves only two stages, and this makes it possible to appreciably shorten the time required to wash a motor car. First, the surface of the vehicle is sprayed with hot steam, and then dried using a microfibre towel. The second – final – step consists in applying a protective agent to the paintwork. Fast, simple and effective. And also safe, for thanks to this method, which utilises only high pressure, the risk of damaging the paintwork is considerably smaller than in the case of the chemical products used at conventional car washes. Further, the steam wash makes it possible to save water – its consumption is noticeably smaller in comparison with traditional cleaning techniques.

To sum up: because it can handle a multitude of applications, a steam wash is an excellent tool for auto detailing services. It considerably speeds up the process of cleaning, ensures greater operational efficiency, and – when contrasted with a water car wash – helps optimise the entirety of service costs. Finally, it is a highly effective solution. It ensures a high quality of service coupled with an amazing visual effect, with the paintwork, upholstery and other vehicle components being cleaned with great care and precision. And let us be honest – a comprehensive and safe cleaning package is what motor car aficionados both desire and demand.