It is a modern condition to forget that, but cleaning workers are found in every setting and the work that they do is important across absolutely all industries. More than 4 million people are employed in the sector in the US alone, many working not only on low wages with not many opportunities for training and development but also in often dangerous work conditions1. Employers have a wide range of ways of improving their situation, and working with innovative and safe equipment is one of the substantial ways to reduce the rate of injuries and amplify job satisfaction.


Cleaning work creates many hazards on each stage of the process. Dusting creates risks of allergies and often involves bending and staying in awkward positions for a long time. Moping goes with heavy lifting, dealing with chemicals and slippery floors, especially in the greasy areas as in kitchens or restaurants. The need for using gloves in case of dealing with heavy chemicals increases required grip force, putting more pressure on wrists. Vacuuming often operates on large noise levels, which can be a serious factor in stress-inducing and muscle tension. All these not only have a negative impact on the physical and mental well-being of the people involved in the industry but also cause large turnover rate as well as injury frequencies and sick leaves, influencing the effectiveness of cleaning companies.

Scholars as well as practitioners recognize the role of innovative solutions and high-quality equipment as one of the most important ways of improving safety and comfort of working in this sector2. Fortador cares about it and we strive to deliver products which are not only intuitive and easy but also safe to use. Steam cleaners are safer than their traditional counterparts in many aspects. Let’s just mention a few.
1. Says bye to both bacteria and chemicals!

Steam, with regulated humidity and temperature 120-140 Celsius degrees, allows cleaning a wide variety of surfaces, decreasing a risk of allergies. It kills bacteria, mould spores and dust mites, without using toxic chemicals.  This reduces the risk of developing respiratory tract infections, as well as strong allergic reactions to saprophytes and chemicals. It is a positive aspect not only for the cleaning workers but also for those using the services – in hotel rooms, offices, restaurants, beauty salons or medical centres.
2. Merciless for the dirt, caring for your safety

Dry hot steam penetrates well to clean the crevices but dissipates quickly. This means that it is absolutely unforgiving to any dirt but as soon as it is a few inches from the cleaning head, it cools down enough not to cause danger in case of accidental contact. The low humidity and high temperature also mean that the floor dries quickly as it is being cleaned, reducing the risk of slipping of falling to a minimum.


3. Multitasking and adaptable

Most of the Fortador models offer not only hot steam cleaning but also vacuuming, decreasing not only the volume of the equipment needed for successful cleaning but also providing the highest quality and standard of work throughout the process. Also, a long hose and wide variety of different nozzles allow flexibility and make avoiding awkward postures easy, giving you more control and protecting your spine and muscles.

Gathering your own conclusions should be all but difficult by now. Steam cleaners are an important step forward in providing safety and due care for cleaning workers, increasing not only their job satisfaction but also its quality and effectiveness. If you are an employer who is concerned with the quality of the services provided as well as the well-being of those who provide it, come and have a look at Fortador’s products.

1 See Rick Goggins, ‘Hazards of Cleaning: Strategies of reducing exposures to ergonomic risk factors’ in Professional Safety (March, 2007), pp. 20-27
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