Mercedes, BMW, Bentley, Lamborghini or Porsche – these are some of the well known brands which offer luxury cars for the Polish market. According to different statistics, Polish society is getting increasingly wealthy, and a direct consequence is increase in interest in premium cars.

Car market in Poland is constantly growing. More and more individual customers as well as enterprises decide to purchase a luxurious car. According to Premium Moto1, just in 2015 premium cars sector grew by 21%. Almost 40 thousands of such sales were registered, which is 11% of All car sales in Poland. It seems that car producers do notice and understand this trend, widening the choice for their customers.

The customers appreciate not only the practical advantages of the cars but also their looks. The question therefore arises: how should one take care of the car which is often worth hundreds of thousands of zlotych? Well, the solution is a steam cleaner.

Why is a clean car so important?

A gentleman just does not driver a dirty car. It is equally important to a well-tailored suit or perfumes. More and more often, a car is not only a personal attribute but also a tool at work, creating a positive image of the brand as well as its owner. Keeping your car in a presentable condition requires certain amount of care and attention. Negligence in this matter poses a risk of negative effect visible on your carbody, rims and upholstery.

That is why it is so important to take care not only about its functioning but also its looks. Quite rightfully so, we connote traditional methods of cleaning with large amounts of water, detergents and towels. However, there are methods much more practical and efficient than that – steam cleaners!

Traditional cleaning…

Traditional ways of washing cars are still popular, although they generate considerable costs and has a negative influence on the environment. Car care using water, detergents for washing and polishing, towels and aromas is not only expensive but also time-consuming. Cleaning of one vehicle often takes plenty of time, and it is a struggle to make it accurate. Thorough manual cleaning of the rims or an engine, just with a damp cloth, is quite impossible. Insistent scrubbing, in turn, can cause a damage to the varnish. It is worth keeping in mind as well that some of the detergents cause skin irritation, which is a risk both for the person cleaning, as well as the one using the car.

… and steam cleaning

A vehicle worth hundreds of thousands zlotych should be as presentable as possible. Owners of such cars often use the services of mobile enterprises equipped with steam cleaners, for instance Fortador PRO S. Some of the inherent advantages of this option are worth mentioning:

– time saving: you can just call and order car cleaning not moving from your yard,
– money saving: the service is cheaper if the device does not use excessive amounts of water and detergents,
– eco-friendliness: steam cleaning does not produce sewage, and it does not use chemicals,
– effectiveness.

Steam is neutral for your car body varnish as well as upholstery, allowing much better standard of clearing. Main advantage is the fact that steam (120-140 Celsius degrees) penetrates and dissolves the dirt. It is hot enough to get rid of the most stubborn impurities – grease, mud or gunk.

You can use steam for cleaning even the most delicate elements of your car equipment. You can also reach places inaccessible to water cleaners – rims, insides, or the engine. This is another huge advantage over the traditional car cleaning.