If you are here, you probably already know there are plenty of reasons why steam is overtaking the market of cleaning devices nowadays. Compared to the traditional water pressure cleaners, steam cleaners are more efficient (time and moneywise!), more versatile in application, greener and lighter. For a good entrepreneur, this is just about enough reasons to look into the offers of quickly growing range of steam cleaners producers.


Fortador stormed the prolific steam market with smart, elegant, technologically advanced, foolproof, user- and environment-friendly devices, and its influence is constantly growing. Increasing interest in our products is worldwide and vivid, and to be honest with you, we are hardly surprised. Our good practices and reliable devices and services are an obvious part of this success. What might be less obvious but is just as substantial is our growing network of reliable supporters and devoted cooperators around the globe!
Our harmonious and dynamic team is constantly open to new members who are willing to embark on this adventure with us. We share our know-how and resources with those who decide to become a part of the Fortador family. There are different levels of commitment and involvement we offer so that you too can find something suitable for your expectations. If you want to take part in the process of constant development and reinvention of our brand outreaching to more and more places worldwide, consider one of the two options.
If you decide to open up a Warehouse, you will have a guarantee of exclusivity in the region. You can count on us, too. We provide technical support, spare parts supply, technical training, help with organising fairs, as well as your office furnishing! Considering a rocketing interest in our products around the world, this is an option which provides you with a lot of potential for growth, and our extensive support in the process. Sounds good? Contact us for details!
If you prefer to be a Dealer, you will be able to sell our equipment in your region. We will provide you with needed technical training. This might be a good alternative if you are looking for an option which requires a bit less commitment to start with but starting small never excludes a possibility for growth!
If you are in the point in your life when you are looking to start something new, stable and important, do not hesitate any longer. Steam cleaners are the future of cleaning industries, and you can create it, too. Reach out and contact us for details and be a part of our fantastic network!