Steam cleaning is gaining in popularity, and this is due to its many advantages. First of all, people have greater awareness and want to take care of the environment. They resign from chemical cleaning products, and steam cleaning is more popular even in private houses. Steam cleaning is safer for the environment and health, and people appreciate it more and more. It is an increasingly popular choice for the home, not only for commercial use. It allows you to save a lot of money. It is not insignificant.

The technology available to everyone!

Due to the fact that there are more and more devices on the market with more and more functions, everyone can choose a solution for themselves. Advanced technology allows for even more effective and efficient cleaning. Mobile and practical devices are adapted to be used at home by private persons, so why not use this solution?

Fortador – a steam cleaner producer worth trusting

Fortador is a company that has many years of experience in the production and sale of steam cleaners for commercial use and now for home use. Thanks to this experience, the company is able to create new standards and introduce innovations to the market. It produces the best steam cleaners working on Diesel engines from Lamborghini – it gives you confidence in reliability and durability. The company has been operating for almost ten years. In 2010, Fortador was founded. In 2016, its products began to be available on the American market and revolutionized our thinking about steam cleaning.

Mobile steam cleaner from Fortador

Portable steam cleaners from this company allow you to work without restrictions, even at home. It meets high standards and is universal because it can be used for various surfaces and in many conditions and places. The brand’s priority is to provide people with the highest quality products. So the company doesn’t compromise! Fortador refines its projects to perfection and offers its customers a wide range of devices. Everyone can choose the one that suits them best.

The company’s portable steam cleaners are assembled by hand in Europe. The company introduces a very advanced technological solution, one of the best in the world. It is evidenced, for example, by the cooperation with Lamborghini. The company has recently opened a new plant in Italy where it produces smaller but equally best quality steam cleaners.

Fortador Volt MINI – the best choice for cleaning the house

It is the latest device from the Fortador brand that appeared on the American market in November 2021. You can use it both at home and for commercial use.

Fortador Volt MINI is:

  • a portable and easy-to-use steam cleaning device
  • 101.5 psi (7 bar) steam pressure
  • 110g per minute steam production
  • 7,5 kgs (16,5 lbs) of weight
  • 1650W boiler power
  • hot water injection
  • accessories

The ecological and healthy way to clean the house

The device cleans perfectly and at the same time cares for the health of the household members and the natural environment. Thanks to the low water consumption and no need to use chemicals, it is the most ecological cleaning method you can imagine.

A very efficient steam cleaning device

Steam cleaning is much better than traditional cleaning methods because it is more efficient, least time-consuming, and very energy-saving. Fast, effective, and gentle cleaning is possible because of high power and high steam pressure and temperature. In addition, the device is very light compared to other devices of this type, and it can be moved between rooms easily.

It allows you to keep the kitchen, bathroom, all rooms clean, as well as the car and garden equipment clean. It is a comprehensive solution for your home and garden. It is easy to use and very effective on even very dirty surfaces.

Professional technology for home use

The Fortador Volt MINI steam cleaner is a professional solution that can be used at home – thanks to its compact size and weight. It will help to clean even the toughest dirt and disinfect surfaces perfectly. Thanks to special tips, you can reach even the most inaccessible place and every nook and cranny. It will clean both the car and furniture, tiles and floors. You can get spectacular cleaning effects that you can achieve with traditional methods. And all this without the use of harmful chemical products. It is healthy, economical, and ecological. Such steam cleaning allows for better cleanliness, hygiene, and high aesthetics of the house.