Housework with a steam cleaner is becoming more and more popular both commercially and domestically. Previously was used mainly in companies, now it is popular also in household cleaning. There are grounds to argue that this popularity will grow more and more. It is no wonder – cleaning with a steam cleaner guarantees excellent results in a short time and without the use of harmful and expensive cleaning products. A steam cleaner gives a lot of different possibilities and works well in cleaning almost all surfaces, both in the company and at home. Where does the popularity of the steam cleaner come from?

How does it work? Commercial use of the steam cleaner

By heating the steam to high temperature and creating high pressure, the steam cleaner can dissolve any dirt, remove difficult grease and get rid of mold and germs. It is a great way to sterilize the surface or a room without the use of chemical cleaning products, so it is ecological disinfection. Portable, light, and very easy-to-use steam cleaners allow you to use them in almost all conditions because the devices are handy. They do not require a lot of specialist knowledge and allow for professional commercial use.

Why are commercial steam cleaners more and more popular?

First of all – it allows you to clear the surfaces more effectively and let disinfect them perfectly

The steam cleaner is perfect to use by office cleaning companies and auto-detailing. It is the best device for washing carpets, upholstery, and other surfaces. It will work in hotels and public buildings. All because it is an unrivaled way of effective cleaning and the best disinfection of cleaned surfaces. In times of a pandemic, we pay special attention to properly sanitizing. A steam cleaner is a solution that will satisfy everyone. In addition, it will allow cleaning and disinfection without chemical cleaning products.

Second – it goes where other devices cannot go

Thanks to the different device tips in your set, you can reach the most hidden places. It will remove dirt from every corner and every nook and cranny effectively and precisely. The device ensures excellent work results and customer satisfaction. Your clients will gladly give the company the best opinion and recommend it further.

Third – it saves a lot of time and money

Finance is not insignificant. Each company wants to work not only effectively but also cheaply. After all, costs cannot exceed profits, and if we don’t want to lose customers, we cannot raise prices too much. A steam cleaner is a device that consumes little water and doesn’t require any cleaning products. Thanks to this, the company can save a lot of money on water and chemical cleaning products. The purchase of the device can pay for itself very quickly. Steam cleaning also saves time because the cleaning process is efficient, and the washed surfaces dry quickly.

Fourth – it is an ecological and healthy way of cleaning and disinfecting

Nowadays, we say more and more about ecology, and people are more and more aware that they have to take care of the environment. That is why every company must work ecologically and pay attention to not contribute to the destruction of nature. The steam cleaner allows cleaning without producing harmful waste, so it is the most ecological solution. Thanks to this, the company can take care of the natural environment and gain a lot in the customers’ eyes. Steam cleaning is also an excellent disinfection method. It kills harmful microorganisms, including the virus that causes covid-19. It is the greenest way to fight this virus. In addition, a steam cleaner is good for health, in contrast to cleaning products whose vapors can negatively affect our well-being.

Fortador – a pioneer and leader

Fortador started a revolution in the industry and made steam cleaning more simple and more effective. The Fortador PRO Plus device – a new one that provides professional steam cleaning – is a very efficient way of cleaning. It operates at a pressure of 16 bar (232 psi) and allows you to obtain the optimal vapor pressure. And this means that the cleaning company can clean much more efficiently and faster. The device is equipped with three guns: two steam guns for steam cleaning and one auxiliary gun for vacuum suction. It means that the device can be used by three people at one time, making cleaning even more economical and efficient.