Until the last time, steam cleaners have mainly been used commercially, for example, in cleaning companies. It has been changing for several years, and now steam cleaners are gaining more and more popularity in many homes. This process is noticeable, especially since this device is smaller and portable that you can also use at home.

The popularity of these devices is also significantly increasing due to the fact that people seek to achieve an as high level of hygiene as possible. And steam cleaning is perfect for that!

How does a professional steam cleaner work?

The steam cleaner generates high temperature and pressure that allows cleaning even heavy dirt or grease. It is more effective than a vacuum cleaner and floor mop. Thanks to this, the steam cleaner can remove dirt from any surface without using a lot of water and without a chemical cleaning agent. The effects may surprise you. If you thought that only strong cleaning products would help you effectively remove dirt and microorganisms, you were wrong. A healthier, greener and more economical solution are available. Check it out!

The best advantages of steam cleaners – 6 reasons why you should clean your home with a steam cleaner

It removes all dirt efficiently and quickly!

A steam cleaner removes even hard, old, and dried dirt, such as grease, and even can remove mold! And all this without the need for using strong cleaning agents which are harmful to the environment and health. It’s a way to efficiently clean without a lot of effort.

It’s the perfect way to clean and disinfect in times of the covid-19 pandemic

Thanks to high temperature and pressure, the steam cleaner allows you to remove practically all bacteria and microorganisms at your home. It is particularly significant in times of the covid-19 pandemic. A steam cleaner may be our weapon against the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

It’s a big money saver

It may seem paradoxical because a steam cleaner is not a very cheap device. However, this purchase can pay off very soon. Until now, you have used many cleaning products for different surfaces: floors, mirrors, cabinets, upholstery, windows, etc. Now you don’t have to buy any cleaning product to effectively and thoroughly clean all surfaces in your home!

It will also help you save the time

Cleaning with a steam cleaner is much faster than traditional cleaning. In addition, washed surfaces come off much faster than, for example, the floor after mopping. You can get better results with less effort and in less time.

Cleaning without cleaning products is better for your health

A strong smell of strong cleaning products or bleaches can cause nausea and allergy. Inhaling the fumes of chemical products can irritate your respiratory tract. Cleaning with a steam cleaner without using cleaning products is better for your and your children and pets’ health.

Cleaning with a steam cleaner is good for the environment

Steam cleaners are ecological because they consume little water and don’t need to use cleaning products harmful to nature. Nothing more, nothing less!


The use of steam cleaners at home is just becoming more and more popular, so it is hard to list all its advantages that we are just discovering. However, from the perspective of the hitherto experiences, it seems that this solution is by all means very beneficial. It not only allows to save money and time. It also lets us achieve much better results with much less effort. It is a very ecological solution and, at the same time, is effective in the battle against the virus that causes the covid-19 disease. It is an investment that pays back very quickly and which almost no customers usually regret. Choosing the best steam cleaner – for example, from Fortador – you can be sure of the highest quality device and the best cleaning results with a steam cleaner.