A car steam cleaner is a staple in detailed car cleaning. When you tell your clients what you can do for them, they will be delighted. When you thoroughly clean all possible areas with steam, they will be impressed by the results and will only want to clean their car in this way. Steam is safe and effective on almost every surface in the vehicle. The right commercial steam cleaner will have the capabilities of car shampooing, detergent cleaning, and other functions.

Methods of using a car steam cleaner

There are two categories of procedures or methods when using a car steam cleaner. Steam cleaning as the main means is what most often comes to mind. Here, the steam cleaner is used with various gun tips and different application techniques. The steam cleaner is used here at different angles and distances from the surface. Microfiber cloths and other towels will also be needed to remove particles, stains, and dirt.

Extraction is another cleaning technique. A high-quality professional car steam cleaner should have extraction capability. Many consider extraction to be the best technique for cleaning carpets and car upholstery. Here you use extraction tips to inject and extract water without cleaning agents from seats and upholstery. Best of all, at the end, you can see the dirt particles during their extraction.


Car shampoo is another option that some professional car steam cleaners have. This extra level of cleaning is often necessary for heavily soiled carpets and interiors. The Fortador Pro Max steam cleaner has all the capabilities you need for steaming, extraction, and shampooing. This is important because you never really know what level of dirt and dust you will encounter on the job until you start cleaning. Be prepared to clean everything without rush with Fortador.


Snow foaming is a technique where a cleaning foam is sprayed on the outside of the car. This dense cleaning agent penetrates deep into the paint, glass, and other surfaces of the vehicle. The Fortador PRO Max is capable of rinsing snow foam. With two or three steam guns, there is no need to change hoses or tank hooks. Just change the steam mode on the touch screen.

Upholstery-Steam Cleaner

The upholstery is the main and largest contact surface in the vehicle. It is the main point of contact between passengers and car equipment. Steam cleaners can safely clean leather, fabric, and other synthetic materials. Moreover, steam cleaners can moisturize and renew leather. A microfiber cloth can be used for leather. When you encounter stains on fabrics, you can also use a soft brush to remove them.


Cleaning seats with an extractor can give the best results. Not only will you loosen dust, dirt, and pollutants, but with powerful suction, you will pull them out of the seat fibers. You can use shampoo with the extractor for the most effective cleaning. After finishing cleaning the car, you can additionally protect the fabric from stains with a professional fabric protector if you want.

Carpets-Steam Cleaner

Carpet fibers carefully hide dirt and dust. Effectively clean and disinfect carpets with a steam cleaner. We recommend removing the carpets and cleaning them separately. When they are removed, also clean the exposed floor area with steam.


Fortador steam cleaners can also work using appropriate cleaning agents. Such a preparation will soften, loosen dirt and destroy stains. On carpets and car mats, there are really different types of stains. Many drivers give up and accept them as a normal consequence of car use. A steam cleaner can successfully dissolve stubborn stains, penetrating the fibers, giving real cleanliness and refreshment. Finally, use an extractor to remove steam and cleaning agent from the carpet.

Window Cleaning

There’s no need to use chemicals when you opt for steam window cleaning. Clean exterior and interior windows without streaks, using a steam window cleaning tool. Don’t forget about the sunroof. Additionally, you can use a microfiber cloth to easily remove any steam residue.

Cup Holders

Cup holders can become sticky and hard to clean. Steam will soften and remove crumbs and stains, which you can easily wipe away with a cloth. Remember to clean the rear cup holders that are hidden in the rear armrest.

Glove Compartments

Using a steam cleaner is about much more than just cleaning. It’s about a completely clean and fully sanitized car. Take items out of the glove compartment and put them in a ziplock bag. Fill the glove compartment with powerful and hot steam. Finally, wipe everything down with a dry microfiber cloth.

Door Sills or Kick Panels

These areas get dirty very quickly but are often overlooked during cleaning. Blasting this hard-to-clean section with steam effectively disperses dirt. It’s easy to clean these small sections with steam, then wipe everything down with a clean cloth. There’s no need for scrubbing.

Door Panels

These large surfaces are ideal for steam cleaning. Door panels may have scratch marks that might require a little more effort. So use a brush to reduce or remove these marks.

Gas and Brake Pedals

Keep key car components free of contaminants to ensure not just cleanliness and freshness, but most importantly, the safest drive possible.


A dashboard is an exposed and attention-grabbing place inside the car. Dashboards are like little command centers. Steam cleaning this surface is extremely effective and it’s important to do regularly.


You can keep vinyl and leather handles clean and sanitize them with a car steam cleaner. Cleaning these elements in standard vehicles, passenger vans, and buses is now more important than ever. Feel confident and safe with the power of a car steam cleaner’s disinfection.


Just like the ventilation system in your home, the ventilation system in your car also collects dust and dirt. Keep the air in your car clean by regularly cleaning the ventilation system. Blowing steam through one vent section allows it to travel through the connected system. This way, the air in your car is always fresh and safe for your health.

Seat Belt Cleaning

Drivers and passengers use seat belts on every journey. Seat belts are in constant contact with people and are also directly touched during buckling and unbuckling. The steamer will blast and loosen dirt, making it easier to remove.

Steering Wheel Detailing

Clean and sterilize this, arguably the most often touched, part of the car. A car steam cleaner will remove all the hidden dirt and grease that nestles on the steering wheel. You can safely use a steamer on both leather and synthetic material steering wheels.

Exhaust Pipes

Cleaning the outside of shiny chrome or other metal exhaust pipes will keep them in the best condition. Clean them at an angle so that the steam doesn’t go directly into the pipe.

Gear Shifts

This is another often-touched mechanism in the car. It’s worth thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing it with steam.

Trunk Cleaning

You transport your groceries and many other items here. Using car shampoo on the liners and a steamer on the vinyl sections will keep these areas sanitized and ready for loading.

Vinyl Floors

Vinyl floors are common in cargo and passenger vans. Using a car steam cleaner on this large area will remove oil, dirt, and other materials that are brought into the vehicle. The powerful steam jet can even handle the smallest particles that gather around the edges and seat bases. For thorough cleaning, we recommend removing the rear seats if possible.

Child Car Seats

Steam disinfection is particularly important here. Child car seats gather bacteria and stain very often. Shampooing with a safe chemical and using an extractor effectively handles the problem.


Mudguards collect various types of dirt, including parking stains or even oil from the petrol station. Using a steam cleaner is ideal for this surface.


Keep your side mirrors free from dirt. Cleaning them with steam ensures they remain clean and streak-free. Apply a ceramic coating for durable effects.

Between External Panels

There are many places on a car or truck where panels come into contact with each other. An example is the place where the rear window meets the side metal panel. Using a steam cleaner with an appropriate end removes all small particles that accumulate there.


Spoilers add style and emphasize the sporty nature of a car or truck. Go over all the curves, edges, and nooks of the spoiler. Some of their elements are hard to clean. The solution is, of course, to clean them with steam.

Complete External Wash

You can use a cleaning agent or foam-forming substance if you want, but you don’t have to. Steam is an effective and efficient way to wash any external part of the car.

Bumpers and Mudguards

Steam cleaning helps keep the front and rear metal and rubber parts clean and shiny. Applying steam with even pressure will dissolve insects and other things that accumulate on the bumper. Use a protective coating to protect the bumper in the future.

Deep Wheel Cleaning

Road chemicals, dust, dirt, brake pad dust, and many other substances accumulate on car and truck wheels. Washing them with steam dissolves and easily removes these impurities. A steam cleaner is the perfect tool for this part of vehicles as it gets into all the nooks and crannies of the wheel.

Tire Cleaning

Tires are a very visible part of a car or truck. Their size, appearance, and overall condition complement the style and profile of the vehicle. Tires often need a cleaning agent. Use a steam cleaner to complement the cleaning agent’s action and achieve 100% cleanliness and a showroom look of the car.

Wheel Mudguards

Road chemicals, tar, and other materials can accumulate in the wheel mudguards. Safely reach all nooks and crannies with a steam cleaner.

Engine Steam Cleaning

There’s nothing better than a clean and shiny engine. Engines get covered in a layer of carbon, oil, and other greasy materials. A steam cleaner can restore the engine’s appearance to almost its original state. Steam is the right choice to provide the appropriate balance of heat and pressure. There are electronic components that risk disconnection if a standard pressure washer is used.

For this cleaning, you may need a cleaning agent and engine degreaser. The Fortador Pro Plus steam cleaner allows for simultaneous use of up to two cleaning agents. Thanks to the three guns, the steam function can be used simultaneously with the cleaning chemical.

Air Filter Cleaning

Remove the air filter cover and clean the dirty air filter with steam to refresh the materials. A clean (literally) working car is at your fingertips.

Fuel Tank Covers

Keep the fuel tank free from dust, dirt, and grime with good steam cleaning.

Emblem Cleaning

Emblems often complete the look of a car or truck. Large emblems are mounted on truck trunk flaps and definitely stand out on cars. Make sure they shine like in the showroom, reaching steam between each letter. Only the shine will remain.


Grilles definitely make an impression. Finishes from matte black to shiny chrome will look impressive after cleaning with a car steam cleaner. Insects and other road impurities will be effectively washed off.

Truck Loading Areas

No matter what they are used for, they deserve thorough cleaning. All kinds of dirt, including leaves and small stones, will be blown and washed away with steam.

Hard-to-reach Places

Nothing is out of reach for your car steamer. There are many elements of cars and trucks that steamers easily reach, but are hard to access with traditional car washing. Steam penetrates and reaches every surface, regardless of its shape and angle.

Difficult-to-clean Dirt

Tar, tree sap, bird droppings, acid rain are all things that can stick and threaten car surfaces. They can also pose a challenge for basic car cleaning techniques. Using a steamer can dissolve many of these pollutants. They can be rinsed and if necessary wiped off with a cloth.

Recommended Cleaning Agents

Cleaning agents are very effective and can be used along with car steamers. There are certain types of dirt that stick particularly hard and stain deeply. They may require specialist cleaning agents to remove them. Below is a list of cleaning agents that can be used for effective and comprehensive car cleaning:

• Degreaser

• Tire shine

• Carpet cleaner

• Plastic cleaner

• Deep wheel cleaner

• Polymer steam additive for shine effect

• Window coating

• Active foam for carpets

There are stubborn stains that require gentle scrubbing. Using a steamer to loosen the dirt, then scrubbing the stained areas will allow for a complete car cleaning. Below is a list of recommended cleaning tools:

• Engine cleaning brushes

• Wheel cleaning brushes

• Carpet cleaning brushes

• Buckets

• Microfiber cloths

• Standard cloths

• Disposable hand towels

Let’s not forget about other vehicles as well. Motorcycles, recreational vehicles, airplanes, boats, and buses also need cleaning. With a steamer, you are well equipped to clean anything that has an engine and moves.

Other Ideas and Uses for Car Steamers

Using a Steamer as a Mobile Car Wash

Mobile car washes are a growing service sector. Car steamers are the perfect equipment for a mobile car wash. With the right steamer, you can easily promote and focus your business around it. A mobile car wash must be prepared for any cleaning situation. This includes the ability to use multiple cleaning solutions.

The Fortador Pro Plus steamer is fully equipped to meet all cleaning needs for individual and commercial clients.

Preparation for Ceramic Coating Application

A ceramic car coating protects every part of a vehicle. Cars, trucks, buses, and many others can be protected from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, road chemicals, harmful acid rain drops, potential scratches, and others.

Thorough vehicle cleaning and surface preparation is key to effective application and ceramic coating installation. Fortador Coating is a high-quality coating that all clients appreciate.