Somebody really smart said once that you can measure a truly successful business by the rate of its progress after it has been deemed successful. Let’s have a look at how Fortador is doing.


We are a humble bunch and we do not get compliant but it needs admitting that since Fortador has been launched, we have grown a lot. We have amazing teams of professionals working on technologically advancing our products, we have  growing network of skilful partners and retailers, our machines are spreading across continents, making our customers happy, and we keep launching new products, finding new ways to answer changing and growing demand of the market.

On the top of that, we still love what we are doing. We get to show off our machines at fairs, we connect with alike people and we have the feeling of constant improvement going on. We have not forgotten our values, neither. We care about the quality of our products and services, we care about you, and we care about the environment. We thought that today we would share some details with you, the ones which got us especially thrilled recently.


Expanding the territories

We started off modest and to be fair, if you asked as a couple of years back, we would not have guessed the extent of our business now. We knew we are good, and we were improving all the way, but gaining partners in Dubai, Thailand and Romania recently just made us realise again that we are spreading for a reason!

Steam cleaners are economical, efficient, eco-friendly and they broaden the scope of the cleaning business, and the way Fortador executes them is just the highest quality there is. Our machines, powered by Lamborghini, with their intuitive smart design and excellent, powerful performance, are winning hearts worldwide, and it makes us proud.


Expanding the offer

It is not like this growing interest just replicates itself. We work hard on innovation and we introduce new products all the time. It is immensely important for us to hear your feedback and react accordingly.

One of the examples of such action is the new Cargo Slider we have on offer. We just wanted to make your life easier, and we know that packing and unpacking is something not many people exactly love doing. With a slider, you can just slide your cleaner out of your car, do what needs doing, and slide it back in!

However exciting this is, it is one out of many new bright novelties that enriched our offer this year. Have you heard about Volt S yet? This brand new cleaner is a strong statement on our green values, with intelligent ECO PRO system which allows adjusting the power of the heater and limits power consumption.

Also, we are just about to launch our full new line of accessories you can use to pamper, polish and conserve your cars. No matter the size and the purpose, our products are always the highest quality, and aimed to answer your needs.


We would never come as far without you – our partners, experts, customer service teams, all of the support and advice we get at the auto fairs, and, most importantly – without our customers! It is thanks to you we are growing bigger, better and more versatile. If we are proud to tell you we are increasingly recognised around the globe, and that our products are more and more sophisticated and popular, it is because it means we have your trust. Thank you all for this!