Different brands decide to build their market strength upon different values. There are for instance subjective matters of taste when competitors think they can win the war for attention with the design of their products or recognisable visual identity. Whereas we recognise the importance of aesthetics,  Fortador’s  priority is technological excellence.

As our technical minds like hard facts, we thought we would share with you today how Fortador presents itself against the background of the market of steam machines. We will compare Fortador Pro+ and perhaps two other most well-known models – Idromatic Astra Chemik (IAC) and Korean Steamer Korean Steamer .

Steam pressure and temperature

Let us be blunt about it. Fortador’s machines are the only steam cleaners on the market reaching the pressure of 16 BAR. For anybody who has the faintest idea of the technology of steam cleaners, it is obvious that pressure is one of the absolutely most important parameters one has to consider. It determines the performance of your machine and sets a limit for its capacity. In the case of Fortador Pro + it facilitates using three separate guns, making it even more efficient. Both Idromatic Astra Chemik (2 guns, maximum 9 BAR of pressure), and Korean Steamer (2 guns, maximum 10 BAR) score much lower, similarly to the vast majority of the market.

The temperature of steam in the boiler reaches 190°C, and the outgoing temperature can be regulated. IAC reaches 180°C and Korean Steamer – 178°C, offering only one level of outgoing steam temperature. This is another factor significantly influencing the quality of the performance of the steam cleaners.

Capacity and consumption

Another factor one must thoroughly consider when purchasing a steam cleaner is long term costs. Decisive parameters one has to take into account is water and Diesel capacity and consumption. With Fortador Pro +, one can regulate the water consumption between 600cc/min x 1 (Max. 1,200cc), with the boiler water tank capacity of 25l. Interestingly, neither IAC or Korean Steamer do not state their water consumption, sharing only the capacity of their water tanks – 24l and 10l respectively. As to Diesel, Fortador is a big saver. Its’ Diesel consumption is 0.6lt/h, compared to 3.4lt/h for IAC and 2lt/h for Korean Steamer . The huge difference explains why the smaller capacity of Diesel in Fortador (15.5lt against IAC’s 24lt and Korean Steamer 20lt) allows longer working hours – 25h for Fortador, 7 for IAC and 10 for Korean Steamer . What is also important to realise is detergent capacity. Fortador Pro + has two containers of a joint capacity of 10lt, whereas IAC can take 5lt, and Korean Steamer does not operate on detergents at all. This is a serious limiting factor for the application of the machine.

User friendliness

As with all other devices we use in our daily lives, a comprehensive design of steam cleaners makes them easy to use and boosts user experience. Fortador Pro + offers this on two levels. Firstly, unlike other producers, we do not ask you to buy dozens of additional parts and nozzles to enjoy the full capacity of our machines. For some reason, this is an unpopular device, with both IAC and Korean Steamer offering vacuum extractor sold only in additional parts. Secondly, Fortador’s design and technical solutions like electronic displays make the use of its devices intuitive, facilitating the training of your employees.

Fortador’s products are the best products on the market, with its powerful technology saving your time and money on daily basis. Do not hesitate any longer and visit our website to get in touch and have a close look at our offer.