The moment of the launching of the newest Fortador cleaner is approaching! We have chosen to do it during the Electro Vehicle Show in Montreal this May. The revolutionary cleaner is already available for pre-order. Let’s get on to its magic! 

We strive to always positively surprise our customers. Even though not so long ago we introduced PRO S, a steam cleaner which became instantly popular among the most demanding of out clients, we don’t let ourselves rest for long! After the close consideration of your feedback and international trends in the steam world, we decided to launch a new solution for those of you who are interested in electric cleaners. VOLT S is a first Fortador cleaner with a special ECO PRO system. VOLT S is a cleaner which will allow you to develop your business in any place in the world.

Technical details – sheer cleaning superpower

VOLT S is a carefully tailored machine. Modern design not only provides great looks but also makes it intuitive to use, and the highest quality ok elements make it virtually foolproof. Having said that, the biggest asset of Volt S is a brand new ECO PRO system. It is a technological solution which allows intelligent coil heater adjustment. When performing regularly, the coil heater does not exceed power consumption of 3400W. This allows continuous work without pressure drops, a problem which one finds common in cheaper solutions on the market. Thanks to the fact that this amazing technology does not result in higher power consumption, it can be safely used with your domestic sockets. Fortador VOLT S is available in two options: 110-120 V or 220-230 V.

Here are the  details:

Regulated pressure 8 bar
Power boiler 2xheater2 kW lub 3 kW (additional payment)
Capacity of water/detergent 5/5 Litre
Feateures of 7-inch display – Pressure indicator for boiler;
– Fluids level indicator;
– Motohours counter;
– Reflection of serial number;
– Water level In boiler
– Signalization of water pump
Standard accessories – Vacuum cleaner;
– WIsolated steam/vacuum hose (5m) 1 piece.;
Case material Aluminum
Boiler material Stainless Steel
Anti-freeze system Yes
Descale system Yes
Power consumption 2 x 2000 W + 1150 W (vacuum)
Voltage – 110 v
– 220 V
Net weight 45 kg
Dimensions 41(W) x 70 (L) x 88 (H)

As you can see above, the cleaner is an ideal choice for the mobile cleaning businesses. Just consider the benefits:

– the lightness of the device – 45kg
– small dimensions – 41(W) x 70 (L) x 88 (H)
– low power consumption
– antifreeze system and non-chemical descaling
– best quality accessories
– a solid case made of eco-friendly aluminum

Where can I use it?

VOLT S cleaner is a perfect solution for those who appreciate mobility of their cleaning business. It will fit in perfectly wherever there is a need of regular effective cleaning and keeping the spaces impeccably clean. VOLT S is perfect for:

– auto service equipment
– cleaning companies equipment
– hospitality equipment, restaurants, and foodtrucks
–  medical centres equipment
– car dealers equipment

VOLT S is already available for pre-order which will last till the day of the official launch. Come and meet us at Vehicle Show in Montreal if you want to be with us in this exciting moment! If you want to ask any questions or hear more about Volt S, make sure you contact us on the phone or on-line.