Cleaning requires the use of more and more advanced measures. They may have, however, both positive and negative effects (destruction of fabrics/materials, negative impact on the environment, skin irritation etc.). The use of steam is an excellent alternative technology used for many years.

Steam has the most amazing ability to remove even the most difficult dirt. The use of steam lets you get rid of the dirt that has accumulated everywhere where traditional cleaning methods become useless (hard-to-reach spots), and where, for various reasons, water cannot be used (eg. hotel rooms, rooms filled with electronic equipment). Steam car wash machines are also used for cleaning sensitive premises (eg. sanitary spaces).

Water vapour perfectly eliminates the dirt, without spreading it, disinfects and eliminates odours, and allows us to save time. In order to use water vapour, however, you need a device called a steam car wash machine.

Steam device and its characteristics

A steam car wash machine is a device that removes the dirt without the use of water (it is done by water washers) but with the use of water vapour which has the appropriate temperature and operating pressure. Weaker steam car wash machines have the operating pressure of up to 10 bars, while the Fortador steam car wash machine – has the operating pressure of up to 16 bars. This translates directly into the quickness of dirt removal and saves time, as well as consumables.

Modern steam car wash machines only apparently resemble uncomplicated devices. The heart of the steam car wash machine is the boiler whose task is to heat water, as well as the burner propelling the entire machine (in the case of the Fortador brand, it is the engine of the iconic Lamborghini brand). It is worth mentioning a number of solutions, as safety mechanisms against freezing and scaling, temperature and power controllers, water pump, hoses and vapour-shock guns, and the control panel. In the case of mobile steam car wash machines, what counts are the elements which enable the efficient transport of the equipment and the loading/unloading.

What is important in a steam car wash machine? 

First of all – the quality of its elements, and secondly – its relatively low operating cost. The entrepreneur, who uses a steam car wash machine to earn money, will count not only on its ability to provide high quality services, but he will also count the money that must be invested every day (fuel, transportation, possible service and detergents). A good quality steam car wash machine should be characterised by:- high working pressure (Fortador: 12-16 bars),
– high steam temperature (120-140°C),
– low water consumption,
– good workmanship of vapour-shock guns and steam hoses,
– high quality (eg. aluminium casing, carbon-steel boiler),
– relatively low weight,
– simple and user-friendly controls,
– the manufacturer’s warranty and service (Fortador offers the 36-month warranty, when usually 12-month warranty is offered by other manufacturers).

The delivery of replacement equipment for the duration of repair is also very important. Fortador guarantees it for the duration of the warranty, and after the warranty expires – Fortador offers loaning of such machines. Other manufacturers do not offer such a possibility.

In the case of devices operating at high pressure, good workmanship has a double meaning. It is worth checking (before buying) the general specifications and if it is possible to ask to try out the equipment. It is also of utmost importance to receive the necessary professional training provided by the manufacturer.

Steam car wash machines will clean in a faster, more efficient and cheaper manner, and will reduce the use of chemicals and the production of wastewater.