Steam car wash machines enjoy growing popularity due to their functionality. There are several companies on the market which specialise in their production and sales. A person looking for this kind of equipment should pay attention not only to the terms and conditions of sale, but mostly to its technical parameters.

Steam car wash machines are devices which can be used in virtually every sector of economy, from automotive, through construction, to services sector. As machines with such a broad spectrum of applications, they cannot be inexpensive, that is why – when selecting the manufacturer and model – one should think carefully about the purpose and the use of the steam car wash machines.

Technical aspects of steam car wash machines

Steam car wash machines are only seemingly uncomplicated devices. The casing made of metal or plastic hoses which supply steam and detergents are only parts of the mechanism inside which many elements are hidden. It is important that every part of this mechanism should not only be practically designed, but also properly installed. The proper installation means the reliability and efficiency of use which will have a direct impact on the cost of the service.

From the user’s perspective, the operating cost is the most important factor, together with the maximum functionality. In order to achieve such a goal, one should pay attention to the following aspects:
– fuel consumption,
– operating pressure,
– possibility of supplying various detergents,
– possibility of of using detergent served hot,
– efficiency,
– noise level when operating, and the machine weight,
– safety mechanisms eg. against scaling,
– frost protection mechanism,
– ease of use (assembly and disassembly of components, maintenance of the control panel),
– possibility of combining different functions, eg. washing and cleaning functions,
– cost of washing 1 car,
– number of cleaning/washing cycles per 1 hour (in the case of steam car wash machines equipped with such features).

The following table summarising the main features has been prepared in order to compare steam car wash machines produced by the most popular manufacturers: Fortador, Korean Steamer and Astra Steamer.

Model Fuel consumption Operating pressure Manufacturer’s warranty Possibility of using detergent served hot Dry steam in kg/h Dry steam and vacuuming Cost of the car wash The amount of wash/washing cycles per hour
Korean Steamer 2 liters / hour 8.5 bar Up to 12 months No 86 No 2,35 PLN 3/0
Fortador 0.6 liter / hour 16 bar Up to 36 months Yes x 2 165 Yes 1.22 PLN 4 /1
Astra Steamer EVO 3-4 liters / hour 10 bar Up to 12 months No 50 No 3.85 PLN 3 /0

As results from the above table, the steam car wash machines made by Fortador are the most versatile devices, with the technical parameters surpassing competitors. Particularly noteworthy is the power of the device – 16 bars in the case of Pro and Pro+ steam car wash devices and 12 bars in the case of smaller steam car wash machine – Volt. That is more than Korean Steamer  and Astra. An extremely important aspect is the lowest fuel consumption – 0.6 l/h (the real money saving – which translates into nearly PLN 20,000 saving on diesel per year as compared to Korean Steamer , assuming the work of 10 man-hours per day). Fortador steam car wash machines have also two independent detergent tanks which enable both washing and vacuuming cycles at the same time (another saving: of time).

It is worth paying attention to the construction. Fortador steam car wash machines are made of components that guarantee reliability (metal housing, insulated steam hose, carbon-steel boiler, 7-inch LCD screen made of stainless steel and protected with housing made from bulletproof glass). In conjunction with 36-month warranty – they outdistance the competition. Fortador has also the highest rate of dry steam use – 165 kg/h. This enables a long running time of the machine.

Non-technical aspects

When choosing a steam car wash machine, one should also pay attention to the support provided by the manufacturer. The provision of complete technical documentation, the operation manual in both Polish and English, comprehensive know-how training and attractive financing system are the basic factors that should be taken into account.

Fortador as the only manufacturer offers the 36-month warranty on its products and the delivery of replacement equipment for the duration of repair. At the same time, the buyer receives the necessary professional, free of charge, in-depth training that will allow him to operate the equipment easily and have the knowledge necessary to set pricing for end customers.