Due to the versatile application of steam, many industries can benefit from cleaning with a steam cleaner. If you want to know more or reconsider what sort of interest you might have in considering getting one, you are in the right place. Fortador is an innovative, dynamically developing steam cleaner producer, offering a wide range of steam cleaners, including mobile units.


Dynamic cleaning company

You have well-motivated staff, plenty of versatile customers, and you are looking for ways of expanding and optimising your performance? You just found one. Be more effective, thrifty and caring for the health of your customers, employees and of our planet, and consider getting a steam cleaner. It can clean any surfaces, both vacuuming and washing it, killing dust mites and bacteria on the spot, minimising the usage of water and detergents. Time and money saving just like that!


Car wash

Are you struggling with a fallible equipment, accompanied by a dozen of additional parts, requiring constant fixing and taking so much time and effort to use? Let us suggest you having a look at Fortador steam cleaners. Get one and make sure two people at the same time can vacuum or wash all of the parts of the car, including upholstery and electronics. If you want to start a flexible business with your net of customers, consider getting a mobile steam cleaner which you can take with you wherever you like to provide high-quality service you will be well-known for very soon. If you are rather looking for some passive income, make sure you have a look at our Self-Wash service. You can plant this little ingenious station wherever you like as long as you have a permission for it (gas station? your village side road?) and collect money from the users who decide to use this intuitive, handy machine to self-wash their car. Clever? We call it Fortador!


Building and construction industry

More and more often, the companies offering building and constructing services are expected to deliver the project in the immaculate, ready-to-use state. Whoever who has ever painted their own apartment knows how difficult it can be to bring the desired level of neatness back. Well, when you build the whole thing from scratch, it is even more difficult and traditional vacuum and a cloth might hardly be any help. Before you ever lose hope, make sure you check Fortador’s offer first. There is hardly any dirt that 16BAR pressure and the temperature of 120-140 Celsius degrees would not lift.


Beauty, tattoo and piercing salons

The change of scenery might seem drastic but do not be deceived! It only shows the need on the market and the versatile range of applications for a steam cleaner. In tattoo and piercing salons, like in any other place where you deal with blood, the sanitary standards are absolutely vital for keeping a high level of hygiene. Not only is it for the image of the brand, but much more importantly, for the health and life of those who use your services.


Gastronomy industry

It always is a tricky one. Restaurants are constantly judged on the basis of the levels of cleanliness. Quite rightfully so, where every surface is decisive on the safety of the food, and hence, the health of the customers. Stand to expectations of your clients as well as officials running frequent checks and make sure everything is spotless with Fortador. Clean every grease and dirt before it properly settles, and sanitise the surfaces with high-temperature, low-humidity steam.


Medical centres

When we are on sanitising – there is one category of places where absolutely everybody wants to make sure that all the surfaces are spotless and disinfected. That is in hospitals and medical centres where cross-contamination is a high risk, and all kinds of bacteria are mixing and waiting to attack weakened organisms. Sounds scary enough to make a lasting investment to ensure we are all safe and well?

You are in the right place.