The functionality of steam cleaners is a wonderful way to broaden the range of the services of the car wash or a cleaning company. Entrepreneurs more and more often see the potential of these ingenious machines. Why would anyone recommend getting one? Well, there is plenty of reasons.


There are some goals that are common across a range of service businesses – building up on customers portfolio, the highest standard and quality of performing the service, as well as increasing the revenue. All of these are interrelated and makes investing in innovation necessary. To be better tomorrow, one has to be more effective today. There is a range of industries where businesses could benefit from getting a steam cleaner and resigning from the water alternative – motoring, cleaning, and constructing companies.

Those who use Fortador steam cleaners have plenty of advantage over the competitors due to the innovative solutions which give rise to very concrete benefits. Check those out below!


1. Variety of possible applications

Although water seems to be a universal element of cleaning, it cannot be used in all environments. Medical premises, SPA salons, catering industry etc. should be not only cleaned but disinfected. Regulated humidity steam, reaching 120-140 Celsius degrees, dissolves dirt and sterilizes the surfaces without the use of any chemicals. Additionally, 16 BAR of power allows cleaning industrial devices, production lines or combustion chambers as well.


2. Cheaper maintenance

Steam cleaners, when compared to traditional water alternatives, are just cheaper as they do not generate big maintenance costs. Fortador technology makes them virtually foolproof, and every customer can take part in the training to understand how to use it safely and effectively. The immaculate execution of the machine makes everything fit together perfectly well. All this makes a steam cleaner a way of saving your money. Oh, and keep in mind that you do not have to use any chemicals or get rid of the residues!


3. Quicker performance – more revenue

Using Fortador cleaner is an opportunity not only to broaden the range of services you provide (working in conditions where using water cleaner is impossible) but also to work more efficiently, and hence, increase the number of calls you can attend to. PRO S efficiency in car cleaning is four cars per hour (two stands, possibility to clean two cars at the same time).


4. Eco-friendliness

Many hospitality companies, businesses managing large amounts of cars or SPA saloons do care about their ecological footprint. In the times when global warming is not only better understood but also more and more noticeable in the time of the lifespan, this is increasingly important and popular trend. Brands which use heavy chemicals and produce loads of waste (for instance water cleaners, effecting in large amount of water waste and sewage) can be excluded from the largest competitions. Steam cleaning is eco-friendly, it does not produce sewage, and it does not need any chemicals influencing the surface or health of either the planet or humans.


5. Building your brand image

No matter what is your business focus, if you have one, you want to be perceived as a professional. The way you deliver your services is vital, but so is the equipment that you use. Using innovative Fortador cleaner you can very vividly proof how much the quality of the service means to you. Caring about the well-being of the environment as well as health, ie. hotel guests or restaurant customers, is equally important. This is a vital step toward long-lasting and trustful relations with your partners.

Fortador cleaners can be successfully recommended to most of the companies in the services sector. It is an increasingly popular solution – which we guess is hardly surprising considering all the benefits, huh?