Caring for the safety of our children is the highest priority for every parent and even though having a car seat is a given, it’s not always clear how it should be cleaned. That’s why in this article we will discuss the best methods for cleaning a child’s car seat, as well as point out what to avoid so as not to damage it during this process.

There’s no doubt that a car is a place that gets dirty quickly. A child’s car seat can become unpleasantly dirty and sticky due to spilled food and drinks. That’s precisely why regular and thorough cleaning of the car seat is so important. But how to do it properly?

If you’ve never cleaned a car seat before, be sure to familiarize yourself with the manufacturer’s instructions. Although the materials used to make car seats are usually similar, some models may require a specific cleaning method. The manufacturer provides this information on their website. Look for the car seat model you use there, and you’ll find the appropriate tips.

Portable multifunctional steamer Fortador

The ideal tool for cleaning a child’s car seat is the portable Fortador Volt Mini steamer. Steam cleaning is eco-friendly and effective, it allows cleaning and refreshing various surfaces without the need for additional detergent. In the case of a car seat, steam, water, and gentle soap are enough. Steaming allows for the effective removal of tough stains, without exposing the material to aggressive chemicals.


Steam cleaning is environmentally friendly, as it allows cleaning and refreshing various surfaces with minimal use of additional detergents or other chemical agents. The most important advantage of steam cleaning is the ability to destroy and eliminate over 99% of bacteria, viruses, germs, and other pathogens.

Use only steam, water, and gentle soap

Steam cleaning is known for effectively removing tough stains without the need to use aggressive chemicals or excessive amounts of water.

Cleaning a child’s car seat with a steamer

Steam the straps, buckles, and cover of the car seat

Steam cleaning of all materials and components of the car seat will ensure that it returns to its original, fresh appearance.

Be careful with safety belts

Never immerse the car seat’s securing straps in hot water, or wash them in a washing machine. Abrasive substances and intensive rotation in a washing machine can quickly damage the delicate fibers of the seat belts, making them ineffective in dangerous situations on the road.

Dry the car seat

The best way to completely dry the car seat for your little one is air drying.