Kevlar coating

Kevlar – a polymer from the group of polyamides (more precisely aramids), from which artificial fibers with high tensile strength are spun. Kevlar was invented in the DuPont laboratories in 1965 by a team of researchers led by the an American chemist of Polish origin Stephanie Kwolek. Kevlar is a trade name of DuPont. The Kevlar synthesis is obtained by the reaction of the polycondensation of dicarboxylic acid chlorides with aromatic amines.

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Paint protection coating installation

Step 1: Apply only to washed and mechanically polished car paint on a vehicle, boat, aircraft, or other objects that you want to protect with KEVLAR coating.Use a bottle pipette and apply 5-15 drops directly onto the Applicator pad, you can cover Applicator with microfiber. STAGE 1 primer and activator must be massage into every element on which you want to apply a Kevlar coating. Always use gloves and a face mask. Wait 5 minutes before going to Step 2. A;primer will bond and evaporate.

Step 2: The next step is to apply a thin layer of KEVLAR polymer from the jar.Use a face mask, attached application brush for plastic and windows, and applicator with microfiber , and gloves.After applying a thin layer, wait 5-10 minutes to dry completely.Then polish the coating by hand using the microfiber towel attached in STAGE 3 packaging. Make sure you do not leave the places where the coating is visible.Wait 15 min and manually polish again with the same cloth.The coating should be maintained to a thoroughly washed vehicle or other surfaces every 6-9 months to supplement the defects in the KEVLAR protective structure of the coating.After the service always leave the set in the trunk and handle the Kevlar Set to the customer.Use a face mask. Do not touch the paste. In case of contact with skin, wash with soap and water.

Interior Protection Coating Installation

KEVLAR Interior protection delivers great result on leather, alcantara and fabricsMake sure that the upholstery is not wet. Must be dry.After a thorough vacuuming, washing the interior of the vehicle and cleaning the upholstery, spray from a distance of 30 cm / 1ftApply the product from the bottle using an atomizer. Also, apply the product on convertible roofs and other parts of the fabric upholstery.Excellent for Boat bimini. After applying the first layer allows 15 minutes and repeat the procedure.The Kevlar coating has impregnating and hydrophobic properties. Can be rubbed using a dry brush.Apply the product after each upholstery wash.Always use gloves and a protective face mask when applying.