More and more often the brands invest in the solutions bringing them closer to their customers. It is true also for those who use steam cleaners. 

For the benefit of standing out from the crowd of competition, it is worth considering not only originality and quality of the products but also methods which would allow:

– Increasing the number of customers
– Accepting more commissions
– Increasing the revenue
– Building the positive image of the company.

Business ‘on wheels’ is more and more popular as it allows the entrepreneur to take initiative instead of waiting for the customer to bump into him. The owner of mobile steam cleaner or mobile cleaning services can look for his own clients and commute to them independently. It is a comfortable solution for both parties involved, as the customers can easily book the service according to their needs and fit it into their busy schedules. One can easily mention 5 reasons why mobile business is a worthwhile undertaking, also for steam-based brands:


1. You can be closer to your clients

The customers value their comfort and time. IT is quite often that they need to use the service last-minute – preparing for a trip or just before the visit of an important business partner. Mobile service is an answer to the needs of 21st century market where efficiency and speed count the most.

Thanks to the mobile steam cleaner you can address the needs of your customers when they need you the most – no matter if those are individual, business, corporate, gastronomy- or hospitality-related clients. Mobility means close business relationships.


2. Advantage over the competition

The owner of the mobile steam cleaner has a significant advantage over those who work only stationary. Thanks to the steam cleaner and a car which is able to transport it, you can attend many more calls, which are often much better paid, too. Those who just sit and wait for their customers obviously do not have such possibility. Another advantage is also consistent saving. Mobile business does not require paying for the offices, warehouses or garages. The equipment is kept in the car which you can keep on your private property. In the scale of the year, there is a lot of money to be saved.


3. Do what you want

When you keep your business mobile, it is up to you who do you choose to work with. Your customers could include:

– Service stations
– Used car dealers
– Hotels
– Business premises
– Gastronomic premises
– Hospitals, medical centres, vets’
– Factories
– Customers owning car fleet

You can independently decide what is on your offer.


4. More diverse range of services on offer

Offering mobile service you can also expand the range of your performance, naturally earning more as an effect. One of the advantages of steam cleaners is the fact that it can be used in many places where the water cleaner would not be suitable – be it because of the sensitive surfaces or accessibility issues. This is especially true for hospitals or medical centres or locations with a lot of electronic devices. The fact that you can commute to your customers and perform even in unusual hours (ie. at night) should not be forgotten either.


5. Positive image

Being close to you customers is an inherent part of building positive image of your brand. Transforming your business into a mobile version is a sign for your customers that you are devoted to investing in solutions which answer their needs the most aptly. Especially that most of the people might not be aware of the technological advantages. Show your engagement giving your customers an option to book an appointment on their doorstep, on the phone or on-line.


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