When setting up your own company, you would normally attach great importance to the quality of your customer offer, while at the same time aiming to reduce costs and limit the concomitant formalities to a minimum. Mobile car wash business – in the same way, every entrepreneur values flexibility and freedom of action. For these reasons, a steam wash may prove to be a great success.

One item of equipment … and a host of advantages

What is mobile car wash business?

Thanks to the number of applications which it handles, a Fortador mobile car wash – powered by a reliable, high-quality Lamborghini engine – will excel at cleaning different types of surfaces. It can be used to clean not only motor cars and upholsteries, but also furniture, industrial machinery, engines, aeroplanes and vessels, and even electronic machine components. It will be equally efficient when cleaning enclosed areas, such as restaurants or shops, and large surfaces, for example glazing installations at shopping arcades. A steam wash not only cleans, but also disinfects, thus guaranteeing optimal effectiveness without it being necessary to additionally use chemical agents. The product’s versatility goes hand in hand with its mobility, allowing you to reach the customer’s specified location and thus achieve cost savings – you do not have to allocate additional funds to renting business space, for example. Particularly noteworthy is the duration of the entire washing process – this method is among the fastest available, while the surfaces are ready for use practically immediately after you finish cleaning.

A business that cares for the environment … and your wallet

The fact that a steam wash uses only a small amount of water per cleaning cycle means that it is beneficial to the natural environment when compared with conventional washes. Because the device disinfects surfaces with dry steam, it is not necessary to apply additional chemical agents that could pollute the environment. Apart from the fact that it is virtually non-invasive to nature, the steam wash offers the entrepreneur considerable cost advantages. Namely, it helps you avoid the costs of observing sewage management regulations and purchasing a storage tank. This not only makes your undertaking eco-responsible and sustainable, but also provides opportunities for generating cost savings which can be allocated to other business-related investments.

An excellent idea for mobile car wash business

The utilisation of a steam wash in business is supported by the solution’s numerous advantages, connected among others with the specific cost savings that it allows you to attain. These follow from the fact that the mobile car steam wash eliminates the cost of installing a water drainage and sewage system, while its mobility means that you do not have to hire business space – an expensive and yet necessary element of most undertakings. Thus, you do not need to have a large start-up fund, while further assistance can be provided by the European Union. Due to the pro-environmental aspect of the venture and the fact that you are not harming the natural environment, you can also apply for non-returnable grants. Last but not least, it is not necessary to obtain special permits, while the capacity of the Fortador steam wash guarantees the reliability and uniform high quality of services rendered.