Do you clean your curtains as often as you should? You might be surprised how much dust and dirt can settle on them while they’re just hanging there. Looking for a way to thoroughly clean your curtains? Say goodbye to dirt, dust, and allergens with our guide on how to clean curtains with steam. From elegant drapes to delicate sheers, we will show you the best techniques and tips to keep your windows fresh, clean, and dust-free.

It’s time for professional steam cleaning and to enjoy the benefits of clean and beautiful curtains in your windows.


Is it better to clean curtains with steam or chemically clean them?

The choice of cleaning curtains with a steamer or having them chemically cleaned actually depends on the person’s preferences.

A steamer is a very handy device that can be used in many other parts of the house, as well as in the car. Steam cleaning is also proven to be a method that kills up to 99.99% of bacteria on the surface it cleans. Using a portable steamer will make cleaning curtains easier, and then you can air dry them outdoors.

Chemical cleaning of curtains can be a good way for someone who prefers to pay for the job to be done. You assign the chemical cleaning process and then just wait for information from the company that the curtains are ready to be picked up.


Why is a steamer the best method for cleaning curtains and blinds?

Did you know that steam cleaning is an eco-friendly way to disinfect and refresh surfaces? It requires minimal or no additional detergents or agents, making it a great option for people who want to reduce their negative impact on the environment. Moreover, steam cleaning has the additional benefit of eliminating over 99% of bacteria, viruses, germs, and other harmful pathogens.

Portable Steamer Fortador

Fortador is a leading manufacturer of commercial steamers, and now they have introduced a steamer that can also be used at home.

The 16.5-pound machine is equipped with a 15-foot long hose connection and a range of attachments, including a steam mop.

Volt MINI, like other Fortador steamers, has a boiler that heats up quickly, requiring just five minutes to generate steam. But unlike other small commercial portable steamers, Volt MINI operates under high pressure and high temperatures, delivering you a powerful steam jet with a pressure of 101.5 psi and a maximum temperature of 338 degrees Fahrenheit. Its durable construction of AISI 304 stainless steel guarantees durability and reliability.

How to clean curtains, dirty curtains, and sheers with a steamer?

First, you need to remove any dust that may have settled on the curtains with a vacuum cleaner.

Then you can use the soft brush attached to the steamer to start deep cleaning. Do not pull the curtains too hard, make sure they are sufficiently taut or – if you prefer – you can remove the curtains and lay them on a flat surface.

Finally, for spot cleaning, use a gentle detergent to go through stubborn stains that might not have come off yet.


How to clean blinds with a steamer?

If you own traditional plastic or vinyl blinds, wiping them with a damp cloth isn’t always the best way. Here’s when steam cleaning will help you bring them to a state you’ve never seen before.

To start, dust the blinds with a dry cloth to remove dust.

Then start cleaning the blinds with steam one by one, removing excess water with a dry cloth.

Removing stains and nicotine odor from blinds

To further remove stains or unpleasant odors from fabric blinds, try using baking soda. Take off the blinds and lay them flat on the floor. Sprinkle them generously with baking soda and leave it for at least an hour. Then gently rub with a brush or use a vacuum cleaner to remove the powder and reassemble the blinds. This should effectively eliminate unwanted odors.

How often should you wash curtains?

If you live in dustier areas, you need to clean curtains every six to eight months. Generally, curtains should be washed once a year.

How to clean curtains while hanging

The simplest way to clean curtains without taking them down is to vacuum them as often as possible. Remove loose debris, dust, and even pet hair with a vacuum cleaner. A brush attachment is ideal for gently vacuuming curtains from top to bottom.

Washing in the washing machine

Another cleaning method, which is most common, is washing curtains in the washing machine.

Use a mild detergent, a delicate cycle, and warm water for light curtains. Dark curtains are best washed in cold water.

To dry them, lay them flat or let the curtains air dry in a dryer set on a no-heat program.

Hand washing curtains

You can hand wash your lightweight curtains, as well as curtains made of cotton, nylon, polyester, lace, and silk.

To easily soak the curtains, fill the sink or a bowl with warm or cool water. Add a few drops of liquid, dish soap, or laundry detergent and agitate the mixture to create foam.

To clean the curtains, immerse them in soapy water and gently move the fabric to loosen dirt. Rinse the curtains in clean water until all the foam is gone.

To remove excess water from the curtain panel, lay it flat on a clean, thick, and dry white towel. Then gently roll the towel.

After thoroughly draining the panels, let them air dry until they are only slightly damp. At this point, you can already hang them up to dry. You can also use a clothes dryer or simply hang them on a shower curtain rod. Avoid hanging them directly near a heat source, as it may cause the fabric to shrink or get damaged.

To remove wrinkles from curtains, it’s best to iron them on a low setting when they are slightly damp. But remember to use an ironing cloth, e.g., a thin towel or a piece of cloth, to protect the curtains from direct heat.