Regular cleaning of air conditioning, vents, and air filters is crucial to maintaining healthy air in the car. Frequent cleaning will prevent mold growth, protect from the entry of pollutants, such as pollen or dust particles into the vehicle’s interior, and eliminate unpleasant odors. In this article, we present several ways to clean car vents using various cleaning agents and methods.

Why is cleaning car vents important?

After cleaning the vents, the air that you and your passengers breathe will be of better quality. Air quality greatly affects lung health and can cause health problems or exacerbate existing ones. Vents, though intended to deliver cleaner air to the car, if not regularly cleaned, can accumulate dust, dirt, mold, pollen, and other pollutants. People who are allergic to these toxins or suffer from respiratory diseases, such as asthma, sinus problems, or chronic bronchitis, may experience more severe symptoms as a result of constantly inhaling contaminated or spoiled air.

Effective air flow

Clean vents improve the efficiency of air flow in the ventilation system. This can result in better heating and cooling and reduce the burden on the ventilation system. Accumulation of dirt and other pollutants in the vents can reduce the efficiency of ventilation. Such obstacles can clog vents and hinder the free flow of air. Ventilation systems are designed to work without obstacles, so even small accumulations can lower their effectiveness. If you always have to set the highest heating or cooling settings to feel a difference, this may be due to the accumulation of pollutants in the vents.

Preventing unpleasant odors

Although the air in the car is originally drawn from outside, the ventilation system continually recirculates it. If pollutants such as mold, spores, or bacteria appear in the vents, they will systematically deteriorate the air quality with each use. The result of this polluted air may be, for example, a strong and unpleasant smell. Even if you use a high-quality air freshener or odor remover, the mold and dust that cause it will still be present.

How to clean car vents with a cleaning agent?

For this method, you will need a cleaning agent and a brush. You can buy a ready-made disinfectant spray, but you can also prepare a homemade cleaning agent using vinegar and warm water. If you don’t like the smell of vinegar, you can use lemon-scented vinegar.

Cleaning the vents

Dip the brush in the cleaning agent and clean the vent louvers. Make sure the brush reaches all the nooks and crannies.

Drying the vents

Use a microfiber towel to dry the vents.

How to clean air conditioning vents with an enzymatic cleaning agent?

Step 1 Preparing the car for cleaning the ventilation system

Before you start cleaning, close all doors and windows of the car. Then turn off the air conditioning and the engine.

Step 2 Connect all vents to the cleaner

Connect the included tube to the cleaning agent. Insert the tube into the air vents on the dashboard, other air vents, and air conditioning vents on the driver’s and passenger’s side.

Step 3 Start the process

Turn on the air conditioning and set it to maximum power to circulate the air.

Step 4 Filling the system with enzymes

Apply the enzymatic cleaning agent to the air inlet under the glove box. Then switch the air conditioning to fresh air intake mode and leave the vehicle.

Step 5 Ventilation after the procedure

Spray the cleaning agent into the external air inlets. Then turn off the air conditioning and open the doors and windows of the car to ventilate the interior.

How to clean vents using a steam cleaner?

When dirt starts to stick to the vent louvers, cleaning agents and brushes may not be enough. In such situations, it is worth using a professional car steam cleaning service. Steam cleaners designed for professional vehicle cleaning not only remove stubborn dirt and pollutants but also disinfect surfaces, eliminating the need to use potentially toxic disinfectant sprays.

Gently move the steam cleaner nozzle across each vent louver, and you’ll quickly see how much dirt has been removed. After finishing cleaning the vents, you should dry them. If water gets behind the louvers, don’t worry – just set the fan to the highest speed to dry the vents.

For the best cleaning of car air conditioning vents, you can use the Fortador Volt Mini steam cleaner. This is a portable, high-power device that is easy to use. It has many attachments that can help in cleaning air conditioning vents and other interior and exterior parts of your car.

Tips for cleaning vents

  1. Use compressed air to remove deeply embedded dust that may be in both the air conditioning and the vents.
  2. Regularly replace the air filter in the car cabin. To maintain air quality and free airflow in the car, it is recommended to replace the old filter every six months.
  3. Regularly use a blower to clean the air conditioning vents, ideally once a week or every two weeks.
  4. Most of the necessary accessories, such as a hand brush, foam brush, and cleaning agent, can be found in the store at a small price. It is worth getting them and throwing them into the trunk so they are at hand.
  5. Proper and regular cleaning of vents is important for maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of the car interior. It helps to keep fresh air in the car and increases the efficiency of heating and air conditioning.
  6. Keeping the vents clean is essential for maintaining a healthy and comfortable environment in the car.